Schmidt Vinotek Showcase Selection at The WineFamily Gathering 2015

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Schmidt Vinotek Showcase Selection at The WineFamily Gathering 2015

17th October 2015, Singapore – Schmidt Vinotek had made a strong statement to local wine connoisseurs that they are here to stay! As one of the world’s well-known wine distributor who majors in German Wines, Schmidt Vinotek recently entered Singapore market and created more options for wine fans in Singapore. The company also distributes Austria and Sweden wine alongside with hand-picked Italian and Hungarian wine offering the wine connoisseurs a pampered list of choices.


Recently at The WineFamily Gathering 2015, held at Singapore Flyer, Singapore, Schmidt Vinotek showcased their selection at the event and had received excellent accolades from the attendees to the event. Attended mainly by wine connoisseurs, restaurant & hotel owners, celebrities and country ambassadors, the event also attracted many wine fans and tourists. It is no doubt the most visited wine table (Booth) at the event.



The company is well established in Hong Kong being one of the most popular German Wine company with 3 upmarket outlets and the company is looking to duplicate the success here in Singapore. What came as a surprise was, there are far more German wine fans than expected. If you had not tasted German wine or had not sampled German wine for the last decade, it’s time to do soon. German wine today packs more flavor than what it was known before – raw and lacking of character. And trust us, you will be pleasantly surprised – by German Wine.



Do keep yourself updated by Liking Schmidt Vinotek’s Facebook Page here.

And continue to be “Wein Surprised”!


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