Exclusive! Meet The Author – Janet Chew


Meet the Author
– Janet Chew, The Mile Hi! Club

DSC03783.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
*Picture: Meeting Janet in person with her book on hand.

I picked up a book last year when I was browsing at Borders. The Mile Hi! Club attracted me with its all-too familiar design on the cover page. As a regular flyer of this “Famous Award-Winning Airline”, I got really curious and picked up the book and read the back page, bought it the next minute.


I am not good with book reviews, so I am not going to do it since most of the books I usually read on flights are self-help/motivational hardbacks.

As the stories unfold, pages after pages, I can’t help but read in awe. Vivid stories that I have heard from friends and family members who are also “flying” were given a confirmation and some of them are really meaningful while some are the untold and well-kept behind-the-doors accounts. Everyone who flies frequently should buy this book and understand what’s really going on to make a flight pleasant for the passengers, (at the expense of the crew of course).

Getting curious? Go buy the book and read yourself.

janetchew.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
*Picture: Janet’s famous profile image and as published on the back page of her book.

Recently when I was browsing Facebook for a friend, Janet’s profile shows up when I was searching for another “Janet”. Immediately I recognized the picture and added Janet as a friend. Conversations soon followed and resulted in a meeting (for what she is doing right now) and an impromptu autograph session. Now, ask yourself, how often do you get to meet authors of great books and get your book autographed?

This is the third author I am meeting since my last “meet-the-author” session with David Brazil for his book “No Money, No Honey” & Eileen Wee for her book “Excuse Me, Are You An Actress? Eileen’s Secrets”. I was really excited to meet Janet Chew in person.

I shall let the pictures do the talking for now.

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*Picture: All pictures have been tweaked to a lower resolution.

I enjoyed the short time that we had spent together understanding what she is currently doing for a living (which I will be back with a review in a couple of weeks) and talking about her book. I hinted to Janet that a sequel should be planned. I am sure it will be the next local Bestseller to come and I will the first in the queue at Borders.

Till then, we wish Janet all the best!





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BANGKOK: Thirasak Tanapatanakul is one of the most famous creative executives in Asia, so it is an honor to welcome him to ADFEST as Jury President for Print Craft Lotus and Design Lotus.


After joining Creative Juice in 2004, Tanapatanakul put Thai advertising on a global stage by creating some of the world’s most successful campaigns such as ‘Tamiya’ – the world’s most awarded print campaign of 2005 – and ‘Bangkok Insurance’, which was the 4th most awarded TVC of 2006, according to the Gunn Report.


In 2006, Creative Juice was also ranked the 9th most awarded agency in the world by the Gunn Report. In the same year, it was Campaign Brief Asia’s Agency of the Year.


Tanapatanakul is Worldwide Chairman at Creative Juice Bangkok, and he completes ADFEST 2010’s line-up of Jury President as the Jury President of Print Craft Lotus and Design Lotus.


“I am happy to accept this invitation because ADFEST has been with Asian advertising community for 13 years. Each year, when agencies start sending out creative work to awards competitions, we start with ADFEST to kick-start the year. It’s time to say, “Hey, the awards season is coming back again. It’s time for us to be fresh,” says Tanapatanakul.


As the creator of some of Asia’s most successful print campaigns, Tanapatanakul is the perfect candidate to oversee the judging of this year’s Print Craft and Design entries to ADFEST.


“If you look at the Gunn report, it reflects that Asia has got the world’s most awarded print advertising for many, many years. For example the work like Tamiya, Levi’s 501, Clima Lock and Chrysler Jeep was all created in Asia. So I’ve no doubt Asia Pacific agencies are very good at creating world-class print and design,” says Tanapatanakul.


Tanapatanakul is the final Jury President to be announced for ADFEST 2010.


All 6 Jury Presidents will also sit on the Jury Panel for the INNOVA, 360 and Lotus Roots Awards, which will be chaired by Grand Jury President Washington Olivetto.


“This is one of the most inspirational line-ups of Jury Presidents we have ever had at ADFEST. From Brazil to Sydney to Shanghai, we have searched the globe for the world’s top Creative Executives, and we look forward to learning from their wisdom and experience this March,” says ADFEST President Jimmy Lam.


ADFEST 2010 runs from 18-20 March in Pattaya, Thailand. Delegates can purchase tickets to ADFEST online at www.adfest.com


The complete list of ADFEST’s 7 Jury Presidents for 2010 are:


-Washington Olivetto, Creative Director and President of Brazilian agency W/: Grand Jury President; and Jury President of Film & Radio Lotus; INNOVA, 360 and LOTUS ROOTS Lotus Awards.


-Ted Lim, Executive Creative Director & Deputy Chairman at Naga DDB Malaysia: Jury President for the Press & Poster Lotus categories.


-Brett Mitchell, Digital Director at Droga5 in Sydney: Jury President of Cyber.


-Ravi Deshpande, Chief Creative Officer at Contract: Jury President for Direct Lotus


-Sheung Yan Lo, Executive Creative Director for North East Asia at JWT and Chairman of JWT China: Jury President of Outdoor.


-Kazuyoshi Hayakawa, Director and Co-Founder of Camp KAZ Productions in Tokyo: Jury President of Film Craft Lotus & New Director Lotus.


-Khun Guy Thirasak, Executive Creative Director at Creative JuiceBangkok: Jury President of Print Craft Lotus and Design Lotus.

AdFest2010.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

For further information, please visit www.adfest.com



Presented by The ARTS FISSION Company
5 & 6 March 2010, 8:00pm,
Esplanade Theatre Studio

When nature decides to leave marks on man-made structures, celestial graffiti manifests and sneers secretly at human folly. 
Just look at Angkor Wat where ancient roots wrestle temples and palatial doorways and you can feel the heaving of existential tension between man and nature.

Celest1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

The collaborating team of artists in GRAFFITI of the CELESTE explores the temporal element of ancient and modern times in extreme circumstances like the deteriorating environment.  Choreographer Angela Liong [Cultural Medallion Recipient 2009] scribbles fleeting movement that tumbles into the soundscape of composer Joyce Koh [Head of Music, SOTA] which in turn wraps around the installation of artist Yeo Chee Kiong [Young Artist Award 2006].  


Taking the life pulse from urban graffiti as well as ancient bas relief, Angela Liong and her dancers experiment on a kind of movement scribbling that reflects a new vernacular expression full of urban posture and energy.

GraffitoftheCeleste.jpg picture by Viviobluerex


On the other hand, Composer Joyce Koh engineers an acoustic environment to comment on the silent void of crumbling decay while Artist Yeo Chee Kiong lingers between construction and deconstruction (dead knots and loose ties) to find a way out of the environmental labyrinth.


GRAFFITI of the CELESTE is the second installment of a larger 4-module dance work (The Locust Wrath) conceived by choreographer Angela Liong. The entire work is presented as art intervention to climate change and its impact on the arts, cultures, and humanity.

image001-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

“The Arts Fission Company is Singapore’s blossoming performing arts scene at its best—innovative, eclectic, willing to take risks, richly human.
Brian Mertens, WINGSPAN ANA Magazine
Artfission.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

ARTS FISSION is a Singapore based dance laboratory with the vision to rekindle human spirit by a new genre of dance theatre informed by Asian traditions, cultures, and aesthetics.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia.   

Many of ARTS FISSION’s original creations are acute responses to the emerging contemporary Asian identity amidst the rapid developing urban environment.   These works aim to experiment and reinvent vernacular gesture and movement into a new dance vocabulary that cross-references between urban Asia and old Asia.  This artistic direction marks ARTS FISSION with a distinct dance profile. The company has presented over 50 full-length productions locally and internationally to date.


126 Cairnhill Road, #01-07/09 and #03-03/04 Singapore 229707 | Tel: +65 62386469 | Fax: +65 6235 4642

tafcl@singnet.com.sg | www.artsfission.org


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Latest News from AYANA Resort & SPA Bali!


 Ayana.jpg picture by Viviobluerex


Hong Kong, 19 January 2010 – AYANA Resort and Spa Bali is pleased to announce the appointment of Giordano Faggioli as Executive Chef to oversee its 13 restaurants and bars, In-Room Dining and banqueting services.

Giordano brings more than 20 years’ experience in luxury hotels and restaurants to his role, including Executive Chef positions at the St Regis Beijing, and Four Seasons Resorts in Chiang Mai and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
GiordanoF.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

The Italian native, who grew up in a small farming town of just 1500 people, said he jumped at the opportunity to work at AYANA, which has been honored with several industry awards following its rebranding last April under the management of West Paces Hotel Group. The most recent accolade was Asia’s Leading Luxury Resort at the World Travel Awards 2009 in London.

“I had heard many good things about the property and was excited to work with Horst Schulze and his team at West Paces,” Giordano said. “AYANA’s reputation is first-class as a luxury destination that provides a unique and memorable guest experience, and this is recognized by the many awards it has won. I feel privileged to be a part of this team.”

From the region of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy, renowned for its homemade fresh pasta, cured meats, asparagus, and seafood fresh from the Adriatic sea, Giordano’s career has seen him travel widely in south-east Asia. He said the opportunity to work in Bali was a bonus to joining AYANA’s team. “The Balinese are well-known for their hospitality and friendliness, and now I can understand why this is so often voted the World’s Number One island. It truly is a beautiful place with beautiful people.”

He arrived in Bali just before the busy Christmas and New Year period, and just as AYANA unveiled its latest renovation, of Damar Terrace restaurant, one of seven restaurants spread out around the 77-hectare property. Giordano said he has been amazed at the sheer quality and diversity of the culinary experiences at AYANA, which also include:

Dava, an ultra-chic restaurant with stunning Indian Ocean views serving modern international cuisine by Chef William Gumport, and a la carte breakfast for villa guests.

Kisik Bar and Grill, an ocean front, sand-floored restaurant carved into the Cliffside serving fresh seafood fresh from the boats and cooked to perfection over coconut husk barbecues.

Rock Bar, a must-see for every visitor to Bali, perched 14 meters above the ocean on a rocky outcrop at the base of towering cliffs.

Padi, also recently renovated and featuring Thai, Indian and Indonesian cuisine for dinner, and international buffet breakfast.

Sami Sami, a cliffside restaurant serving Italian cuisine.

Langit Theatre, an open-air, terraced theatre for dining under the stars while watching traditional Balinese dance performances.

Spa Café, serving low calorie healthy spa cuisine.

Pesta Lobster ‘Dinner on The Pier’, the resort’s famous candle-lit, four course lobster dinner for just two people, ‘cast away’ on the private pier extending out into the Indian Ocean.

“This is the type of resort that food and wine connoisseurs dream of,” said Giordano. “Travelers can come here and savor a different dining experience every night, and be completely wowed by the ambiance, cuisine and service, without ever leaving the property. From dinner for two on the private pier, to the urban-chic of Dava and Asian family-style dining at Padi, this is a true culinary journey!”

General Manager Charles de Foucault said Giordano’s strong background at high-end restaurants and luxury hotels would further enhance the dining experiences available at AYANA’s restaurants. “Giordano possesses a wealth of experience and creativity, and we look forward to seeing the ‘Giordano touch’ take our culinary service to new heights.”

At the same time…………….


AYANA Resort and Spa Bali has re-opened Damar Terrace restaurant following extensive renovations by Yasuhiro Koichi, the acclaimed Japanese designer behind the Rock Bar.

Koichi, whose company Design Studio SPIN has created some of Asia’s most iconic bars and restaurants, combined comfort with modern Asian decor for relaxed all-day dining at Damar Terrace. His trademark style is reflected in the combination of traditional materials, motifs and colors, set off by cutting-edge lighting and clean modern lines softened by tranquil lotus ponds.
b1-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

“The renovation of Damar Terrace further highlights the commitment of this property’s owners to ensuring AYANA maintains its position as Asia’s premier destination resort,” said General Manager Charles de Foucault. “They have continually invested in this property over the last 13 years, and their commitment was recognized when our guests and travel partners voted us Asia’s Leading Luxury Resort at the World Travel Awards in November. We find it very rewarding when guests return to AYANA and comment on how there’s a new surprise awaiting them every time they visit; this is what being Asia’s best is all about, and Damar Terrace is the next surprise awaiting them!”

The central thatch-roofed bale (open-air gazebo) features a large carved wooden dragon suspended dramatically above a bar made from recycled ship wood, giving it a rustic, cozy edge. Another bale extends out over the pond with plush day-beds that almost appear to float. Wooden partitions separate each day-bed, providing an intimate ambience while guests watch the colorful koi fish dart beneath lotus plants lit up by dozens of floating candles at night.

The beautiful glass lamps illuminating the restaurant were designed by Japanese glass artist Seiki Torige, who also created the bar using ‘kayu besi’ or ‘iron wood’ from an old Indonesian ship. Originally the hull of a wooden boat more than 50 meters in length, Seiki found this wood in a remote village in South Sulawesi. As its name suggests, iron wood is extremely hard and sinks in water like iron; according to legend, it also has the power to protect its passengers. It has been used in traditional Indonesian boatbuilding since ancient times.

The restaurant’s menu has also been relaunched to feature more ‘small bite’ options and European dishes, to add to the range of Asian favorites.

“The concept is modern yet relaxed, with an all-day dining menu to cater for different guest palettes,” said AYANA’s newly-appointed Executive Chef Giordano Faggioli. “It is a relaxing, tranquil space, which becomes very romantic at night in the glow of the candles floating in the ponds. The a la carte menu matches this ambience, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing lunch, chilled out High Tea, or intimate dinner.”

Damar Terrace’s renovation is the latest in a series of upgrades to AYANA’s restaurants and lounges since the resort’s rebranding last April. The first, in July, was the opening of Bali’s most spectacular sunset venue, the Rock Bar, perched 14 meters above the ocean on a rocky outcrop at the base of towering cliffs. Other enhancements include a new concept and menu at Dava following the appointment of William Gumport as Chef de Cuisine; and extensive renovations at Padi restaurant, which has been transformed into a Pan Asian venue offering Indian, Thai and Indonesian for a la carte dinner, and gourmet dining at 6 different food stations for buffet breakfast.

About AYANA Resort and Spa

On 1 April, 2009, AYANA Resort and Spa Bali was launched as an independent hotel under the management of US-based West Paces Hotel Group. Named after a ‘place of refuge’ in Sanskrit, AYANA is perched on limestone cliffs up to 30 meters above the Indian Ocean near Jimbaran Bay on Bali’s south-western peninsula. The 77-hectare property enjoys majestic views and a secluded location across its 1.3 kilometer coastline, yet is just 15 minutes from Bali’s airport. The 368 guestrooms — comprising 290 rooms and suites, 77 one-bedroom and two-bedroom private villas, and one three-bedroom AYANA Villa for the ultimate in luxury villa accommodation — offer guests the best of both worlds: the seclusion and space of their own Balinese-style villa or room, and access to the facilities and services of a world-class hotel.
b2-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Resort highlights include the 22,000sqm Thermes Marins Thalasso spa with one of the world’s largest Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pools and the Spa on the Rocks villas set amidst the Indian Ocean. The 13 dining venues include the new Rock Bar located on natural rock 14 meters above the ocean, and the ultra-chic Dava restaurant. There are five purpose-built wedding venues; the avant-garde Champa Garden for events of up to 5000 people; four freshwater swimming pools including a children’s pool; a salt-water, infinity-edged Ocean Beach Pool at the cliff’s base, accessed via an inclinator; an 18-hole golf putting course; tennis pavilion; jogging/cycling path; fitness center; children’s center; seven boutiques; comprehensive meeting facilities and high-tech business center; and resort-wide WIFI.

About The West Paces Hotel Group

The West Paces Hotel Group based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. was founded in 2002 by Horst Schulze along with several former Ritz-Carlton executives. The principals of the company leverage unparalleled hospitality experience and a diverse track record of operating world-class hotels and resorts to create value through superior service at luxury, world-class properties and conference centers in gateway cities and high-profile resort destinations around the world.

In less than six years, West Paces has successfully launched two hotel brands, is operating 15 properties and with its Singapore based affiliates West Paces Hotel Group Asia, is on course to operate or have under contract at least 50 hotels by 2010. Co-Chairman and Founder Horst Schulze has helped reshape concepts of luxury service throughout the hospitality and service industries.  As chairman of West Paces Hotel Group, he has created the unparalleled Canon service standards introduced at AYANA. For more information, visit www.westpaceshotels.com.

 Ayana.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Chan / Louise Cheng
Impact Asia (HK) Limited
jeff@impactasia.com / louise@impactasia.com
Telephone: (852) 2521 1498

Marian Hinchliffe
Director of Public Relations
AYANA Resort and Spa
Telephone: (62) (361) 702 222





AdFest2010.jpg picture by Viviobluerex


BANGKOK: Due to popular demand from the region’s agencies and production companies, ADFEST has agreed to extend the deadline for entries until 31 January 2010.

ADFEST’s Online Entry System launched recently in late December 2009. As a result, many agencies have requested that the original deadline (15 January 2010) be extended by an extra two weeks so they have more time to finalize their entries. To enter, visit www.adfest.com and click the “Entries” tab before 31 January 2010.

There are 13 Lotus categories to enter: Film Lotus; Press Lotus; Poster Lotus; Outdoor Lotus; Cyber Lotus; Direct Lotus; Design Lotus; Radio Lotus; Print Craft Lotus; Film Craft Lotus; New Director Lotus; 360 Lotus; and INNOVA Lotus.

ADFEST is the only Asia Pacific Advertising Festival that originates in Asia, and it therefore remains the most respected, iconic advertising event in Asia. Agencies, production companies, design studios and marketing consultancies are asked to please mark 31 January in their diaries as the new ADFEST entry deadline.

For more information, contact Entry Manager, Puk: puk@adfest.com

ADFEST has also announced that delegate passes to attend this year’s Festival are now available by clicking the ‘Delegates’ tab at www.adfest.com

 A 3-day full delegate registration to ADFEST 2010 costs 21,600 Baht, while Student registrations cost 12,000 Baht for full access to all seminars, screenings and exhibitions, Gala Dinner and THE CUP Awards Presentation, which takes place on 18 March.

ADFEST 2010 runs from Thursday–Saturday, 18-20 March at the Pattaya Exhibition & Convention Hall, Thailand. 

*   Please note: 13 Lotus categories are now open for entries, in addition to the Lotus Roots category, which is won on a nomination-basis only.

For the latest news & headlines about ADFEST 2010, register for ADFESTbuzz at www.adfest.com


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Kazuyoshi Hayakawa Joins AdFest 2010 As Jury President



KAZ_Hakyakawa.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

TOKYO: One of Japan’s most esteemed directors, Kazuyoshi Hayakawa, has accepted an invitation to be Jury President of Film Craft Lotus & New Director Lotus at ADFEST 2010.

Hayakawa will take time away from his busy shooting schedule to attend ADFEST in Pattaya, Thailand in March this year, sharing his expertise and wisdom with the region. Delegates at ADFEST will learn why Japanese production companies continually produce some of the most entertaining advertising campaigns in the world.

As the founder of Camp KAZ Productions in Toyko, Hayakawa is considered one of Japan’s great commercial directors. Born in Nagoya in 1952, he joined the Japan Color Movie Company in 1975. In 1982, he helped to establish TYO Productions Inc., and established Camp KAZ Productions as a subsidiary of TYO Productions in 2003.

“ADFEST is the most major advertising festival in Asia. As the center of world economy has shifted from Europe to the Asian region, being led by China and India, it is very interesting to see what direction advertising expressions are taking in the region. As a jury member, I like to think about what message 2010 ADFEST can deliver to the advertising arena in Asia,” says Hayakawa.

Hayakawa has won all of the world’s most important advertising awards, and his office is full of trophies including the ACC Grand Prix (3 times), the Tokyo ADC Award, the Fuji-Sankei TVCM Grand Prize, the Dentsu Award, a Gold Cannes Lion, ADFEST’s Grand Lotus, the IBA Prize, the London Advertising Film Festival Prize, and the New York International Advertising Festival Gold Prize.

Camp KAZ is a Tokyo-based production company with a reputation for continuously delivering world-class advertising campaigns.

“We are delighted that Hayakawa-san has accepted our invitation to return to ADFEST as Jury President. He is an incredibly talented director, and other advertising executives in the region will benefit immensely from his experience and insights,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST.

ADFEST 2010 takes place in Pattaya, Thailand from 18-20 March. Delegate passes are now available at www.adfest.com. Entries to ADFEST close 31 January 2010.


For the latest news & headlines about ADFEST 2010, subscribe to ADFESTbuzz at www.adfest.com
AdFest2010.jpg picture by Viviobluerex