Playboy – Playful Campaigns Around the World – Part II

This is the follow up to Part 1. Today we take a look at Playboy’s OOH campaigns. (Out-Of-Home aka Outdoor advertising).

The first OOH ad below was the creative use of a fabric material that will become semi-transparent whenever it rains or got wet. So when it is dry, it arouses the curiosity of men (of course)

And the best deal have to be after the rain. Because the material allows more transparent views of what’s behind.
Lolz. See below.

Below is another campaign targeting at night crowd where this billboard is located. The lights are positioned in such a manner that when it shone onto the carefully chosen skin tone background, it created a visual illusion from far, do you see what I saw?

The below OOH campaign uses another proven format – the floor sticker. It has the graphic of a woman’s reflection from down up. (The international term is “Upskirt”). Such clever use of location created an impact to the intended consumers.

Lastly we end this series on Playboy, we take a look at other “below the line” advertising used by the brand. Below, you will see a giant beach towel designed to the like of a Playboy Magazine cover. And the user, supposedly a female, will be in a bikini and sunbathing in the center of the towel. A view from the top or far side reviews the user to be the cover girl for the magazine!



Playboy – Playful Campaigns Around the World – Part I

Today, we look at creative advertising campaigns from a world wide renowed adult entertainment company – Playboy.

While advertising porn is mostly illegal in many countries, we take a candid look at how creative agencies gets around the law and still have their way (or the client’s).

First, we take a look at a print ad from Playboy below. It sort of round off the evolution of adult porn through the decades. Using the simple concept of the “before and thereafter”, a pen scribble the trend of female pubic hair back then and today (time of printing). More reading up on the net reveals men does love a bush back in the 70s and the later generation of men loves a clean and trimmed patch. Though the ad is simple, it is certainly evocative and does portrays the truth correctly. Like all signature Playboy ads, the familar logo at the bottom right simply creates the desired branding effect on this ad!

Next we have another ad creative which the ad agency employs the use of visual tricks. Using angles and color saturations on a simple computer mouse and a lady’s fingers, the final visual creative a false view of a woman spreading her you-know-what. This ad has successfully fooled millions of men (or gotten the attention) and has successfully created an impact for the brand. Playboy reinforced their branding as a “fun” and “naughty” adult brand with this campaign.

Below, we have another ad creative from Playboy which again, uses a traditional-but-proven formula. Text.
The ad says “Who Says That  Men Don’t Like Reading ?” and a quick second glance will reveals all the letters are made up of Playboy models (Naked of Course!)! This ad is to promote the printed magazine version of the brand. And I think the agency got it right for every picture (I mean the words). 

The next ad creative we see below had taken a different approach (please bear in mind all the ads featured in this article are plucked from all over the world). While most of the printed ads are marketing the magazine, this ad is promoting the brand’s website and to direct traffic to the online platform. Using a pair of graphic hands which itself says “cyber”, both hands were positioned in such a way that a typical naked Playboy model’s boobs might be touched by a pair of hands (the graphic hands) of a hunk.  This ad also allows “creative readers” to start drawing out that fantasies on the printed page. Fun right?

The next print ad we are going to see is promoting the Brand’s Channel. Well, another simple but powerful feat here by the ad agency. There’s this saying about “Fast Cars & Hot Chicks” that the 2 will always be together. The ad uses a super car and then have a TV placed on the bonnet, switched on and playing a naked Playboy model in it. Crudely but effectively brings across the theme (or the so-saying)!

Playboy shows their support against animal abuse and in support of PETA, came out with the below ads.
I will leave the rest to you to figure out why this ad was made this way. 🙂

Last but not least, I found an ad copy online which is campaigning against Porn. This ad creative was claimed by many netizens that it originated from UAE. While I do not understand Arabic text, many had claimed that this ad is a campaign by the UAE Agency that drives “Say No To Porn”. And taking the offensive, the agency used an adaptation (or out of convenience) of the Playboy’s signature Bunny Head and created this ad. I hope Playboy did not take offence though. 

I shall return soon with Playboy’s OOH campaigns with more interesting details.

Meantime, have fun!

2011 – A New Beginning (Again)

The start of a new year always brings new opportunities, new hopes, new objectives and resolutions.

Year after year we go through this cycle. Like everyone else, I dragged myself to work to today, I mopped around the office like as if I just returned from hell. And back to hell again for that matter.

Time flies indeed. Didn’t realised how fast time has passed until someone reminded me that I have joined my current company since late 2006 and now it’s already 2011. Having said that, I patted myself on my own back and congratulate myself for able to live through these years while retaining my sanity working with certain less-than-desirable people.

To All Good Fellow Middle Management Friends out there. Let’s continue doing our good deeds, with that,
Welcome to the Jungle (Again).

Happy 2011.