The ARTS FISSION Company proudly presents WHAT’S A FOREST?

Thunderous crash!  Slow drifting sawdust… 

Silhouettes of stumps in frozen silence.

A child’s voice asking out of the shade:  What’s a forest?



What’s A Forest? presented by The ARTS FISSION Company is more than a young-people’s dance theatre production.  The poetic theatre staging with a cast of young children and professional dancers will move audience young and old with the poignant environmental story.  The United Nations has marked 2011 as the International Year of Forests.  People around the world are reflecting on the urgent task of saving our forests and preserving Planet Earth’s green lungs in order for our future generation to breathe!


Don’t miss this touching performance that any age can share and enjoy.  Tickets are now on sale at SISTIC.

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