McDonald’s Ebi Burger TVC – Full Version.

23rd November 2013, Singapore – Recently many of us would have seen Mcdonald’s latest TVC – the Ebi Burger and the Banana Pie promotion. Out of curiosity, I had personally tasted the Ebi Burger & the Banana Pie – and fell in love with it. The promotion had been running for almost close to 3 weeks now, but sadly I have only managed to grab the “Ebi Feast” only thrice. The “Ebi Feast” consists of an Ebi Burger, a Fries, a Banana Pie and a Fizz drink.

Why only thrice? Everywhere is out of stock. I went to a few branches like Harbourfront, Potong Pasir, Kallang, Alexandra Retail Centre, Parklane, Yung Ho and even tried my luck with McDelivery, but it seems like no one has this Ebi Burger and the Banana Pie. Why is this so? McDonald is spending ad dollars buying so many spots on TV Prime time and only to have consumers going places but no Ebi burgers or Banana pies everywhere?

I must say that I am truly disappointed with McDonald’s this time. I am still curbing my cravings for the Ebi Burger & Banana Pie as I write. If only someone can tell me which branch has the Ebi Burger & Banana Pie now I will drop everything I am doing and I will fly there for my Ebi Feast.

Successful TVC, but leaving  me (and many others) sad because the only thing that greeted us is “No Stock”.


Top Ten Rules of Blogging

Photo: Another Blogger tried her Luck.
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12th November 2013, Singapore – It has been six years since this blog started. And blogging had since became a big trend in Singapore through the nature of the topics covered. Although not officially recognized as an information source, blogs are usually the alternate voices from real people who shares their views based on their personal experience. Brand owners noticed this and started engaging bloggers to write reviews to provide alternate views apart from mainstream media and it seems to work really well here. Whiles blogs are fast gaining attention from brand owners as well the general public, and the partnership between the 2 seems to have went well until – frictions surfaces when “some” bloggers crossed the line.

Personally, I have heard many horror stories of how certain brand owners exploited the bloggers, making unreasonable demands like vetting what was written followed by heavy editing (changes after changes) before allowing the author to publish, making bloggers show up at places at unearthly hours so that the writers will not “obstruct” or “affect” their business during normal operating hours, asking to use the blogger’s photo for their publicity use without paying a cent etc.

On the other end, I have also heard of unethical bloggers all out for freebies that totally ruins the reputation of the blogging community. Vividly, I once overheard a conversation between 2 so-call bloggers at a press launch event. The conversation was revolving about what they had “juiced” from their sponsors and advertisers. The statement that hit me was; “Bloggers never have to pay for anything ever if you can get away with it”. I was totally disgusted. I had totally forgotten about the above incident until I saw a troll on about another blogger who had crossed the line. I would like to share the below Ten Rules of Blogging for all as a professional reference. These are my personal working values which I abide closely so that I will not hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Here’s some basic (unwritten) rules:

1. Respect Brand Owners. They want you to write they also can get others to write.
Just when you think you are indispensable, you can be replaced easily.

2. Never ask for Freebies unless it is given out of freewill.
Only cheapskates ask for freebies.

3. You must write after you have tested, tasted, tried else you are as good as cheating.

4. Stay humble, proud writers are usually marked, who else dares to invite you again.

5. Writing facts not fantasies, you lost your credibility, you can forget about dabbling in blogging ever again.

6. Huge following does not means you are a superstar, it means you are writing well and living up to expectations. This needs to be maintain.

7. Whether you are a Star Blogger or a low profile Blogger, you are just a blogger. Some got lucky, some got discovered and some are forgotten. Remember fame usually last for 15mins.

8. Behave yourself at events, launch, closed door functions, briefings. You are there because you are required to write, not because you are a superstar.

9. Be professional at all times. Blogging is a passion that requires great professionalism. No brand will trust a unprofessional writer.

10. Keep writing good stuff, strike a balance of what you want to write and what others wants to read.

I lived by the above 10 Rules while managing my 3 blogs all these 6 years and i had never got myself into the bad books of brand owners. Only brand owners gets into mine.

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