The Chaplin’s – Cakes with Sincerity

Photo: A Customized “Minions” Cake from The Chaplin’s.

15th October 2013, Singapore – Recently, a bakery have been making waves among foodies & food bloggers and I wonder what is it about this baker that had so many people talking about them. After a quick check with a few fellow bloggers, I gathered that this bake shop produces cakes & pastries of excellent quality and importantly, they are creative & sincere people who places priority in baking with a heart.  They are The Chaplin’s.

Photo: Every Cake from The Chaplin’s is a piece of art.

Lead by their fame and guided by my curiosity, I managed to laid my hands on their highly famed Sweet Potato Pandan Cake & the Almond Banana Cake .

The Sweet Potato Pandan Cake is unique, very unique. It’s an unexpected marriage between the pandan cake & the sweet potato. The cake is moist and instantly melts in my mouth and the chewable generous bits of sweet potato simply completes the experience. It just make me wanting to have another and another. Strictly speaking, this is one of the best evolution of traditional cakes. The good old pandan cake when paired with the sweet potato, it blends off seamlessly like the 2 had known each other for the longest time. This cake is well controlled in terms of overall texture, the clever ratio of ingredients , not too sweet, feels like a “Full-Bodied” cake and everything is just perfect in my view.

Photo: The Sweet Potato Pandan Cake,  A Must-try Cake from The Chaplin’s.

The Almond Banana Cake is a marvel. Topped with Almond Flakes, this super fragrant cake from The Chaplin’s again challenges traditional recipes with a new “feel” to it. Looks like an ordinary banana cake, the magic is revealed when one takes an innocent bite and expecting to taste the usual but greeted with many surprises. The sweet fragrant taste of banana seems to linger longer than other banana cakes that I had ever ate in my whole life and the cake is not dry to the mouth. It is slightly less moist than the Sweet Potato Pandan Cake, but much wetter on the mouth than most banana cakes you can find elsewhere. What surprised me most is when my wife and Mother-in-law started to eat banana cake after they had tasted what I had bought from The Chaplin’s. (They avoided banana cakes all their life only to start savouring after they tasted the version from The Chaplin’s.)

I decided to write to The Chaplin’s to compliment on their excellent cakes but ended up interviewing them.  I had a great chat with the team from The Chaplin’s and below is a little extracts from our conversation.

Photo: The Chaplin’s offers a wide variety of cakes.

Editor: How did The Chaplin’s started?

The Chaplin’s: It all started when our Co-Founder Miss. Maggie Teo discovered her passion for baking 3 years ago. She quit her then civil position from the Government sector after she graduated from a part time Baking Diploma at Cerealtech School of Baking Technology.  She joined a bakery shortly to gain practical experience.  It was then, she decided to take a step further and started The Chaplin’s where she now bakes & sells to her peers and relatives.

Editor: What was the inspiration factors behind the excellent recipes?

The Chaplin’s: Co-Founder Maggie grew up in a 3-generation family and she firmly believes that all sweet treats can be enjoyed by everyone & anyone. She had seen how her elder relatives are always concerned about the sugar level in most pastries & cake. Using this as an inspiration source, she tweaks with her recipes and hope that she can change this perception of her relatives with her cakes so that everyone in her family can enjoy cakes & pastries healthily without guilt.

Photo: Every Detail is well taken care of – only possible with sincerity.

Editor: Wow! That’s an amazing feat! So the main objective of The Chaplin’s is?

The Chaplin’s: At The Chaplin’s, we aim to provide high quality cakes & pastries baked with sincerity for people of all age group. We take special care to maintain our consistency from choosing the best ingredients to the final delivery just to ensure that anyone can enjoy our products. We hope to bring a smile to everyone who tasted our cakes & pastries.

Editor: It sounded easy but certainly not easy to do it. At the moment, what are the other excellent cakes that are on your menu?

The Chaplin’s: Under our “Traditional Cakes with a twist”, we have the Sweet Potato Pandan Cake and the Banana Cake with Almond Flakes which you had tasted. Next to be launched into this category will be Longan Wolfberry Cake.  As for “Cakes for All Occasion”, currently we have the Devil’s Food Cake (Rich Chocolate), Carrot Cake, Coffee Walnut Cake and Summer Citrus (a white chocolate mousse cake with mixed summer fruits fillings). We also offers customised fondant cakes – self made fondants that are used for our products that ranges from cup cakes to multi-tiered cakes. All customised orders are pre-discussed with the customer to understand their needs and we design and create the cake specially just for them.

Photo: Summer Citrus – A rush of freshness!

Editor: That’s a decent menu inventory! So among the list that you had mentioned earlier, which are the top 3 selling cakes?

The Chaplin’s: Our Top 3 selling cakes has to be the Sweet Potato Pandan Cake  which is one of a kind in the market. Next will be our Rainbowful Cake which is an instant hit amongst the younger generation. Lastly, the Devil’s Food Cake which uses high quality Belgium chocolate that leaves everyone craving for more!

Editor: There are a couple of pretty well-established online bake shops / blog shops, what makes The Chaplin’s different from the rest?

The Chaplin’s: We believe in balance. Instead of focusing on the outlook of the product & packaging, The Chaplin’s believes that there should be a delicate balance on both the taste and the appearance of the products. Such is our working believes & values or should I say formula, to distinct The Chaplin’s from the competition.

Photo: Cup Cakes for Every Occasion!

Editor: Sounds like you guys are on the right track! So what’s your future plan for The Chaplin’s?

The Chaplin’s: We hope to eventually expand our business and supply to events, cafes and restaurants.

Editor: Thank you for your time and I wish you guys success!

The Chaplin’s: Thank you!

About The Chaplin’s
The Chaplin’s aims to be the choice bakery for high quality cakes & pastries – baked with sincerity for everyone.
Providing choices like traditional favorites like Almond Banana Bread (Banana Cake as the west calls it) or the highly popular Sweet Potato Pandan Cake, The Chaplin’s offers an array of superb cake choices for every occasion to customized cakes (on request).
As a young bakery, the Pastry Chefs at The Chaplin’s promises consistancy for every product on the menu while maintaining the strictest quality control, this is a promise. The Chaplin’s cater supplies to events like parties, celebrations, weddings etc and is also available to supply to restaurants & cafes.

Contact The Chaplin’s at:
Tel: +65 92717299 (RoseMary)
Instagram: the_chaplins


EXCLUSIVE – The Arts Fission Company – Get To Know Them Better!


Up Close & Personal with The Arts Fission Company
TAFC.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Behind The Scenes – The ARTS FISSION Company

Singapore Media Owners Hub recently went beyond the curtains to understand the group better and uncover the untold story of The ARTS FISSION Company (TAFCL) Dancers….

Media: How & when did The ARTS FISSION Company (“ARTS FISSION”) started?

Dancers: The Company was founded in 1994 and our name was “unbelievably accidental”. The early company members wrote relevant words in little strips of paper and randomly picked out two paper strips, it so happened to form “Arts Fission”. Voila!

Slide1-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: Why ARTS FISSION is being described as a Dance Laboratory instead of a Dance Group/ Movement?

Dancers: Angela insisted that typical “dance group names” does not really represent what she had in mind for the dance company and those “usual” names are also very “limiting” as dance is not just for entertainment. Thus the term “Dance Laboratory” was selected to better reflect the experimental characteristics of ARTS FISSION, the free and dynamic exploration of ideas.

Slide2-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: What are the key obstacles that ARTS FISSION faced since it started?

Dancers: Funding is probably the most intriguing problem. The lack of understanding in contemporary dance meant that few patrons or supporters come forth to support charity arts organisation like ARTS FISSION.


The second is the lack of talents. Back in 1989, Angela left her well-paid job at the television station and headed the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) dance department with the passion in mind to develop a substantial pool of talents in Singapore.

Slide3.jpg picture by Viviobluerex 

Media: On the personal front, what are the key obstacles/milestones for individual dancers?

Scarlet Yu (Hong Kong): When I came to Singapore to join ARTS FISSION, it was quite a culture shock, everything here felt so different. Dance itself as a form of art was suffering from a lack of recognition then. I am glad I survived.

Mayu Watanabe (Japan): I am a ballet dancer by training, switching to contemporary dance had been really challenging. It’s like learning everything from scratch again.

Lynn Huang (Singapore): Objections from parents almost stopped me from pursuing my dance degree. They didn’t succeed, I was far too determined for them to stop me from choosing dance as a profession.

Bobbi Chen (China): Coming to Singapore opened my eyes to a totally different world. Back from where I came from, the dancers only need to focus on dancing. Dancing with ARTS FISSION, I realized that every company member have to assume secondary duties and responsibilities aside from dancing. It was tough, initially.

Shirley Wong (Singapore): I took a long detour before I finally landed myself with ARTS FISSION. I was a freelance performer/ dancer before and peers around me had in fact been negative about my choice of joining a company. But my mind was set and determined to pursue artistic maturity with the Company.


Edwin Wee (Singapore): I began dancing later than my peers in the dance industry, I have to work double as hard to gain the strength and flexibility as a professional dancer.

Slide4.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Slide5.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: How has that shaped today’s ARTS FISSION?

Dancers: It forged closer ties to fellow dancers through individual’s life experiences. After all, it’s the company members who shaped ARTS FISSION. Most importantly, everyone had helped everyone to stay positive!

Slide6.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: What are some of the roles that the individual dancers have to assume?

Scarlet: Rehearsal Director, Coach and a Production Manager, Arts Workshop Educator!
Mayu: Arts & Dance Workshop Educator, Gives Ballet class to the company dancers, takes care of the Wardrobe & Props!
Lynn: Arts & Dance Workshop Educator, Media relations coordinator, takes care of Welfare in the productions.

Bobbi: Arts & Dance Workshop Educator, Wardrobe mistress, and assist in some financial bookkeeping.
Shirley: Business Manager, Project Manager, Production Manager, Arts & Dance Workshop, also takes charge and oversees all Marketing & Media communications; and overall in-charge of Company’s finance reports and plan.

Edwin: I am a Project Manager, Production Coordinator, Arts & Dance Workshop Educator and takes charge of props and technical set-up duties.

Slide10.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Slide11-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: WOW! That’s a lot of side duties apart from dancing! Tell me, what keep the team going?

Dancers: Passion, Determination & our Mission to succeed.

Slide12-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Media: When away from the studio, what would everyone be doing?

Scarlet: Enjoying Life!
Mayu: Spending time with love ones.
Lynn: Spending time with myself, family & friends. In that order!
Bobbi: Experience life & enjoy!
Shirley: Spending time with love ones and reading! Edwin: Taking care of my dogs, LAN-Gaming & spending time with love ones.
Slide13-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Media: Does everyone hang out together a lot?

Dancers: Yes, we often watch performances together too!
Slide14.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Slide15.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Slide7.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: What are ARTS FISSION’s dreams and goals to achieve within the next 2 years?

Dancers: We hope to receive enough support to continue to grow & to gain wider recognition for ARTS FISSION.

Slide8.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: We attended ARTS FISSION’s recent sold-out performance “Graffiti of the Celeste” and rated the performance 4.5 Stars out of 5. How many stars will you rate TAFC’s performance that night?

Scarlet & Shirley: We rate our performance 10 Stars! 5 Stars for the 100% concerted effort put in by the dancers and additional 5 stars if one is able to look beyond the movements and gain inspiration from the work!

Slide9.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: Thank you for this exclusive interview, Singapore Media Owners and Shutter Journey of Singapore wishes The Arts Fission Company success in all future endeavors!

Slidez-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Support Performing Arts, Support The Arts Fission Company!
– If you would like to offer your support to The Arts Fission Company in any way, be a volunteer, or wish to be an adopter, please contact Miss Shirley Wong for a discussion at

The Arts Fission Company is on Facebook:
Be a Fan to receive updates of performances and news!
Artfission.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

ARTS FISSION is a Singapore based dance laboratory with the vision to rekindle human spirit by a new genre of dance theatre informed by Asian traditions, cultures, and aesthetics.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia under the artistic direction of Angela Liong, Cultural Medallion (Dance) recipient.

Many of ARTS FISSION’s original creations are acute responses to the emerging contemporary Asian identity amidst the rapid developing urban environment.   These works aim to experiment and reinvent vernacular gesture and movement into a new dance vocabulary that cross-references between urban Asia and old Asia.  This artistic direction marks ARTS FISSION with a distinct dance profile. The company has presented over 50 full-length productions locally and internationally to date. 

126 Cairnhill Road, #01-07/09 and #03-03/04 Singapore 229707 | Tel: +65 62386469 | Fax: +65 6235 4642 |


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EXCLUSIVE: Scarlet Yu – The Arts Fission Company


Scarlet Yu with Aaron Khek on “Garden Affairs 014: Scarlet Is Mumbling…”.

Slide13.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media : Hi Scarlet, “Garden Affairs 014: Scarlet Is Mumbling..” sounds very engaging.  So how did Aaron Khek translate that into a dance expression for you?

Scarlet: Since the word garden from “Garden Affairs” is associated to flowers and plants, Aaron was inspired to take flowers as his working imagery.  I supposed all these flowers in bloom do look like
mouths opening; hence it’s quite natural to bring the mumbling part into this dance project.  I mumble a lot since young.  Therefore it’s absolutely no problem for me to assume the part. 

Media: In a nutshell, what are we (audience/media) to expect for this performance?

Scarlet & Aaron: Don’t expect a “finished” piece (i.e. a beginning and an end) like you get in the theatre.  Do expect an up-close-and-personal performance.  After all we are sharing an experimental work in an intimate, small studio with the audience. The work is not DONE but still evolving, sometimes the response and feedback of the audience may also affect the final making of the piece.

Slide12.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: 10 years is a long time since you started with The Arts Fission Company. So is this upcoming performance a solo showcase?

Scarlet: You can say that, although I do assume quite a number of solo performances in the company’s past productions.  However, this project is probably more initiated by me and has more of my own personal input and thinking that goes into it.  I also want to experiment working with an artist outside of the company. May be outside of my comfort zone, too.

Media: Since you (Scarlet) admitted that you mumble a lot since young, Aaron, does Scarlet mumbles during rehearsals and at other times too?

Aaron: Certainly, always! I’ve known her for more than 10 years. It is an in-built function I think.
Scarlet: When I was young, I like to be alone. Sometimes I talk to imaginary friends (talking to the void)

Media: Incorporating Flower Forms into a dance movement is definitely special and creative. Where does this inspiration comes from?

Aaron:  Everywhere, nature, people, poetry etc even the aerial view of our city!
Scarlet: Flowers are symbolic. They bloom, they wither, akin to life, we come and go. This dance is also about the impermanent beauty of life through flowers.

Slide11.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Media: We noted that there will be a 15 minutes dialogue as part of the performance, this is the first time we heard of this, is this common in the dance industry?

Scarlet: It’s a common practice of GARDEN AFFAIRS since we started in 2003.  The idea is about audience development and we want to have the chance to talk to people informally.  You know, no pressure, chill out, ask the artists all one wants to know and was afraid to ask J

Media: Any highlights both of you would like to share with my readers for “Garden Affairs 014: Scarlet Is Mumbling..”?

Scarlet: Yes, every night is different as this dance is based on what we call an “improvisational format”. So come for all 3 nights if you can!
Aaron: This project is a play of senses, a rare interpretation of a dancer from her personal point of view, collaborating with the creative journey of a choreographer

We would like to thank Scarlet Yu & Aaron Khek for granting us their time for this exclusive interview.


When:  28, 29, 30 April 2010 (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Time: 8:30pm (Estimated performance duration 30mins + 15-minute post-show dialogue)

Entry: Admission is FREE (limited seats – please RSVP)

How : RSVP & Enquiries – Lynn / Vernice | 62386469 |

Artfission.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

ARTS FISSION is a Singapore based dance laboratory with the vision to rekindle human spirit by a new genre of dance theatre informed by Asian traditions, cultures, and aesthetics.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia under the artistic direction of Angela Liong, Cultural Medallion (Dance) recipient.

Many of ARTS FISSION’s original creations are acute responses to the emerging contemporary Asian identity amidst the rapid developing urban environment.   These works aim to experiment and reinvent vernacular gesture and movement into a new dance vocabulary that cross-references between urban Asia and old Asia.  This artistic direction marks ARTS FISSION with a distinct dance profile. The company has presented over 50 full-length productions locally and internationally to date. 

126 Cairnhill Road, #01-07/09 and #03-03/04 Singapore 229707 | Tel: +65 62386469 | Fax: +65 6235 4642 |


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Exclusive! Meet The Author – Janet Chew


Meet the Author
– Janet Chew, The Mile Hi! Club

DSC03783.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
*Picture: Meeting Janet in person with her book on hand.

I picked up a book last year when I was browsing at Borders. The Mile Hi! Club attracted me with its all-too familiar design on the cover page. As a regular flyer of this “Famous Award-Winning Airline”, I got really curious and picked up the book and read the back page, bought it the next minute.


I am not good with book reviews, so I am not going to do it since most of the books I usually read on flights are self-help/motivational hardbacks.

As the stories unfold, pages after pages, I can’t help but read in awe. Vivid stories that I have heard from friends and family members who are also “flying” were given a confirmation and some of them are really meaningful while some are the untold and well-kept behind-the-doors accounts. Everyone who flies frequently should buy this book and understand what’s really going on to make a flight pleasant for the passengers, (at the expense of the crew of course).

Getting curious? Go buy the book and read yourself.

janetchew.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
*Picture: Janet’s famous profile image and as published on the back page of her book.

Recently when I was browsing Facebook for a friend, Janet’s profile shows up when I was searching for another “Janet”. Immediately I recognized the picture and added Janet as a friend. Conversations soon followed and resulted in a meeting (for what she is doing right now) and an impromptu autograph session. Now, ask yourself, how often do you get to meet authors of great books and get your book autographed?

This is the third author I am meeting since my last “meet-the-author” session with David Brazil for his book “No Money, No Honey” & Eileen Wee for her book “Excuse Me, Are You An Actress? Eileen’s Secrets”. I was really excited to meet Janet Chew in person.

I shall let the pictures do the talking for now.

DSC03776.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
DSC03777.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
DSC03778.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
DSC03781.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
*Picture: All pictures have been tweaked to a lower resolution.

I enjoyed the short time that we had spent together understanding what she is currently doing for a living (which I will be back with a review in a couple of weeks) and talking about her book. I hinted to Janet that a sequel should be planned. I am sure it will be the next local Bestseller to come and I will the first in the queue at Borders.

Till then, we wish Janet all the best!

Special Interview – Michael V Arumugam, Percussive Arts

 PAMS6.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Heard of P.A.M.S?

It stands for Percussive Arts and Music School (Pte Ltd), a school specializing in percussion instruments. Simple term means “Drum School”. And for the record, this is by far the ONLY drum school in Singapore. Truly one of its kind (and rare in Singapore context),


I was glad to be granted an Exclusive interview with Mr. Michael V. Arumugam, Managing Director of Percussive Arts and Music School. This is what I understand from the man behind this successful music school.
IMG_8520.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
The story brought us back to 2006, in a small little jamming studio at Far East Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore. Two friends who share the love of music jointly rented a retail space and have it converted into a jamming studio. This was meant to be a place for personal jamming and like-minded friends who are passionate about music to spend time and hang out.
IMG_8547.jpg picture by Viviobluerex 

Things changed when enquiries started to pour in. Every other person was asking if they conduct music courses! The 2 friends-turned-business-partners then founded “Percussive Arts Club” (PAC). That decision set the path to a successful music school in the years to come.

PAC started to assume the role of a music school, and in just 6 months, PAC has a stable of 30 music students enrolled without marketing or advertising.  Incredible feat!

After one year of fine-tuning, PAC moves into a “new campus” at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and had the curriculum & courses reorganized. This was the first official move to becoming a full-fledge percussion music school. The same year also saw PAC renamed to its current name, Percussive Arts & Music School. (So that is P.A.M.S for you.)

IMG_8538.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

IMG_8548.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

IMG_8549.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
By the end of the 2007, there were 120 students studying a variety of specialized music courses at P.A.M.S., the first Drum School in Singapore was officially borne! Today, P.A.M.S. is the only recognized Drum School in Singapore registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore).


P.A.M.S. has 6 fully equipped classroom studios, which one of them are specially designed and catered for kids. Yes. You heard it. For Kids. P.A.M.S. introduced another “first” in the Singapore music industry. This studio is used exclusively for “Kids Tunez”, a course created and co-written by Michael’s wife for children. You see, his wife had been a childcare educator for over a decade prior to helping PAMS develop “Kids Tunez”.
“This course is created to help young kids discover and interpret the “human-rhythm” in them, which is an important aspect in their growing up years.” added Michael.
P.A.M.S. offers grading exams for percussion instruments from *ABRSM as part of the curriculum. This again is another “First” in Singapore.


Me        : Who guided you in this unique business?
Michael : I learned everything from scratch. Everything and anything you can think of.
Me        : Someone must have at least shared some pointers with you right?
Michael : Nope. It is akin to having thrown into deep waters and learning to swim from there.
Me        : Did you face any objections when you started this venture?
Michael : Every other person I know was negative about my idea. Music was not perceived as a
              “proper” career in Singapore and some even shared that venturing into music means
              having problem meeting basic needs and feeding oneself.
Me        : Where do you seek inspiration from?
Michael : I would like to name 2 persons. Donald Trump & Anthony Robbins.
              From Donald Trump’s books, I’ve learnt the importance of consolidating a “Core Group”
              of employees that are committed to what they are doing and believes in you. While
              Anthony Robbins‘ inspirational books helped me in my business decisions which prove
              to be positive.

Me        : Do you have dreams?
Michael : Yes. I wish to bring in the first drums institute to Singapore. A full percussion institute to
              the like of The Institute of Contemporary Music performance, London, UK.

Me        : That is one big dream you got there. What about the next 5 years? Where do you see
              yourself & P.A.M.S. heading?
Michael : I have plans to expand P.A.M.S. within Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.
Me        : Why?
Michael : I like the environment here and I find it conducive for both music educators and
              students. And the landlord is a friendly lot. Can’t think of a better place than here.
Me        : Does P.A.M.S. gets involved in local music movement or contributes to music related
Michael : Yes of course. One such example will be P.A.M.S.’s involvement in Nanyang
              Technological University’s annual “DrumsOut” in 2008 and 2009. We also
              organize events and showcase performances for our students to expose their talents.
Me        : Is there someone you would want to meet someday?
Michael : My school teacher! She told me “not to waste time” with music and it won’t get me
              anywhere in life. I want to go up to her and share my success with her!


P.A.M.S. has 10 professionally qualified music educators today. Led by Michael’s dreams and visions, P.A.M.S. is slated for a successful note ahead.

“It’s all about getting everything right in the fun way, that’s how music should be.” said Michael.



Percussive Arts & Music School is located at;
170 Upper Bukit Timah, B2-11
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179
Enquiry Line: +6563144612
A MOE registered Music School


*ABRSM graded exams for Theory of Music, individual instruments and singing

(excluding Practical Musicianship) are accredited in England by the Office of

the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and the corresponding

regulatory authorities in Wales (DCELLS) and Northern Ireland (CCEA). They are

part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). They have also been approved

Under Section 96 (UK) of the Learning and Skills Act 2000.



Young Musicians
• Samba Kids Tune (3 to 7 yrs)
• Samba Fun Start (7 to 10 yrs)
• Drum set for Beginners
• Guitar for Beginners
• Discover Rhythms (3 to 7 yrs)
• Music studies

Just for Leisure
• Drum set Fun start
• Guitar Fun start
• Guitar Fun start
• Keyboard Fun start
• Percussions Fun start
• Singing Funstart
• Brazilian Samba Fun start

Start Your Journey
• Drum set Studies
• Guitar Studies
• Keyboard Studies
• Grading Examinations
• Music Career
• Be a Music Trainer



•    DJ Workshop                •    Songwriting Workshop    •    Audio Recording & Editing Techniques Course
•    Rap & Hip Hop Course    •    Music Arranger Course     •    Pop Music Producer

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Pacific Out-of-Home Media Convention 2009!21C7BA9179DCBDDE!2179.entry
HOF09.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
The Singapore Advertising Hall of Fame 2009!21C7BA9179DCBDDE!2235.entry


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Chicken Soup Series Returns Part 6 – A Special Interview

Welcome back Readers.

Today, I am pleased to publish this special article. Media Owners Hub was granted an exclusive email interview by the Owner of JANBOPAI Museum Japan,
 美比 益多 also widely known as "BP-Master". The "BP" is also a short form for "Body Painting". The art of body painting has been gaining fans from all over the world through the last few years. There are various reasons why people do body painting, from nudists to animal protectionists and from hobbyists to curious starters each with their own unique reasons.

Here we go.
Me : What started your interest on Body Painting?
BP : I enjoyed body painting as a "Trick Art drawn on Female Bodies",
as it is also a way to go out to the public without doning any clothes.
People who seen it on the first glance will not realise that
it is body painting. And most probably, these folks are seeing body painting in the flesh
for the first time in their lives. But soon after realizing it is body painting,
they are amazed. I find it fun to amaze these people and our BP models of JANBOPAI Museum enjoys
the experience thoroughly.
Me : How old are you?

BP : 54 years old.
Me :  Did you under went professional training for Body Painting?

BP : No. My occupation is an engineer. Body Painting is more of a
hobby. and it is not an ordinary hobby. Logical thinking and a creative mind
is necessary to draw/paint realistic clothes.
Me : How long have you been doing Body painting?

BP : Though I have been trying to find BP models since 1980s,
it was very difficult because internet was not available yet.
In 1998, I succeeded in finding the first BP model, Miss Tomo-chan,
through "Readers’ Network" of a magazine and completed my first
bodypaint "Op. 1".
As digital camera was not available at that time,
I took pictures with an ordinary film camera and
went to photo shop uneasily.
After Op. 1, I couldn’t find any other models for five years.
Op.2 was completed 5 years later in 2003.
The internet is made available at that time and
it allows me to find BP models much more easily.
You can see when each work was completed
in "Portal of Original Work Area."

Me: Typically who are the types of people who will do Bodypaint?

BP : There are two types of people who will be the likely BP models.
One is those who want to enjoy being nude.
Going out to the public without clothes is illegal in Japan,
so these people are looking at alternatives to go out without clothes.
Body painting is one of solution for doing this.
The other type are people who wants quick money without working for it.
I pay 500 dollars for each model for each work/ project,
and by being a BP model, it is an excellent way to get money within the day.
I spend more than 10,000 dollars for model charge, hotel charge
and travel fee in a year and I post the results openly on my website
to anyone without charging. My activity and works is a form of Charity work

for a lonely man like me.
Me: Had there been any accident or incident?

BP : It is illegal in Japan to show one’s naked breasts
and sexual organs to other people in public.
Painted body is not an exception,
BP-Queen-san and I were arrested by police on October 2nd, 2005
while taking photos of Opus 20 on the street in Tokyo
while there were no other people around except policemen.
Though the prosecution judged us as "not guilty" in the end,
BP-Queen-san and I spent one year living in anxiety waiting for
the judgement.
Me : What is the most challenging design that you had done?

BP : Op. 17 and Op. 50. (see the pictures from the 2 series below)

Op.17 Pictures
Op.50 Pictures
This is my favourite series Op.60.

Me : Where do you gain your inspiration from?

BP : Everything. From watching TV, walking along the streets,
and so on. I am always observing the clothes wore by young ladies.
Window shopping of lingerie is also useful to get inspiration.

Me : When you are not bodypainting, what will you be doing?

BP : I don’t have any other erotic hobbies. As I complete
more than ten works in a year, I am very busy to edit and upload the
web pages for those completed works and to respond to fans’ emails.

Me : What is your favourite design?

BP : All of my works are my favourite.
I always say "This is my best work." after each work
has been completed. I am a typical optimist.
Me : Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

BP : (Still) In Japan.
Me : Thank you.

Interview End
BP-master @ JANBOPAI Museum can be reach at or visit

If you are popping over to Japan and wish to experience the art of Body Painting,
please contact BP.

Not sure if he paint guys. 😛

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