Long John Silver’s and Botak Jones now deliver island wide via DEALivery.sg

Singapore, 28th May 2012 – Two of Singapore’s most well-known food establishments have now partnered with DEALivery.sg to deliver their lip-smacking treats straight to your doorstep.

Long John Silver’s needs no introduction to Singapore’s fast food scene. Famous for its high-quality seafood and chicken in tempura-style batter, served with arguably the best crispy fries in town – it remains a local favourite for all kinds of friends and family get-togethers.

Mention home-grown ‘Botak Jones’ and every Singaporean house-hold which loves ‘real’ Restaurant-quality American food at reasonable prices would recognise the ‘Botak’ brand for all the right reasons.

DEALivery.sg then figures the best way to get all these yummylicious goodies to your doorstep in 60mins flat, slightly longer if you live at Jalan Very Far Away – all at a flat fee of $5 and no minimum order quantity, that otherwise forces you to buy lunch for an Indian wedding party.

Eager takers have included everyone from busy managerial types at the verge of skipping lunch to school students who stay up late preparing for exams. With the wide range of options already available (that now includes Long John Silver’s and Botak Jones) DEALivery.sg has been off to a flying start, clocking hundreds of orders per day.

What customers say: “It’s so much more convenient to order from DEALivery than making my way down to Botak Jones, especially when we are stuck in campus preparing for exams” said Nurul Husna, a 21 year old NTU student and DEALivery.sg customer.

With over 50 F&B merchants under its belt since its soft launch in March, DEALivery.sg has since added several culinary favourites to their online menu. Options range from our usual Chinese, Indian, Malay and Indonesian to Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish, and Mediterranean among several others.

“It’s great to have Long John Silver’s and Botak Jones appointing us as their online delivery and marketing partner. Although both these brands are household names in Singapore, our goal is to make it that much easier for customers to enjoy their favourites at home, offices and schools. We decided that ordering food need not entail any form of ‘thank you for your patience’… hence we went with 3 clicks to purchase, $5 for island wide delivery and no minimum order, 3 simple things our customers have come to expect” says Richin Desai, VP of Marketing for DEALivery.sg

Other well-known food brands being featured on DEALivery.sg include Ramen Ten, Spizzico, Pizzeria L’Operetta and Spice Sutra among several others. With a network of over 1,000 F&B merchants, DEAL.com.sg is best positioned to grow DEALivery.sg into the largest online food delivery service in Singapore.

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Website: www.DEALivery.sg / Facebook: www.facebook.com/DEALivery

About us:
DEALivery.sg is an online food delivery service started by Dealguru Holdings Pte Ltd, the owner and operator of Singapore’s leading online daily deal platform DEAL.com.sg. Our approach is simple: Delivery in 60 minutes, an array of cuisines, island-wide coverage, and no minimum order value policy – everything our customers keep coming back for.


Men like to look good too!

 DEAL.com.sg reveals interesting trends from Beauty Week 2012


Singapore, 14 May 2012 From 24 to 30 April 2012, DEAL.com.sg, one of Singapore’s largest online shopping platforms, organised Beauty Week 2012. The premise was simple – offer beauty related deals from well-known names such as Jean Yip and Bioskin, along with boutique spa houses keen to reach out to a wider and savvier audience. A total of 25 additional beauty deals were offered, which included spa, manicure, pedicure and slimming deals, with discounts ranging between 50-95%.

Some interesting takeaways from Beauty Week 2012:

The men get it too
The beauty industry has typically been targeting women with high disposable income, who are between 25 to 40 years of age. However, statistics revealed by DEAL.com.sg suggest an interesting new trend – a 28% take-up rate among men, for a campaign that was predominantly aimed at women. Favourite deals among men included tummy trimming, waxing, manicures and spa therapies.

Many of DEAL.com.sg’s repeat customers claim to have made their first beauty treatment purchase during Beauty Week 2012. The Tummy Trim Treatment by AbsTrim Men was surprisingly one of the top selling deals within the Beauty Week 2012, with over 400 vouchers snapped up within five days.

Savvy Consumers
Previously, regular spa-goers went to a spa, tried a service and judged if they wanted to return. Today, with the high prevalence of social media and ecommerce, women usually made several layers of checks before selecting a spa. For example, like-minded customers on DEAL’s Facebook page often review their experience for other customers. With Beauty Week’s value proposition, DEAL.com.sg found another interesting trend in women centric offers – most female customers are not in for the discounts; instead, they go for the highest value and more importantly a good experience.

Loyalty is a Journey
It was also revealed that younger women between the ages of 19 to 28 are more willing to try out new brands and will frequently buy deals with their friends. This brings out an interesting opportunity for young brands that can now focus their energy on providing exceptional experiences to customers who are willing to try, instead of spending their marketing dollars on customers who, through experience, have become very brand loyal.

“The beauty industry in Singapore is very competitive, we are confident of the products we use and the quality of service we provide. With a platform like DEAL, we are able to reach out to hundreds of thousands of new customers in Singapore who now have the opportunity to experience our offering themselves. I’ll let you in on a little secret; we make sure our customers come back. The secret to success here is their first experience, you need to WOW them. As a merchant, if you lose them at this stage, you’ve lost them forever” said Jermaine, marketing manager of ONLYaesthetics Pte Ltd.

“Through Beauty Week 2012, we have reached out to over a million potential customers in Singapore within just a single week. We have received very good response from our beauty merchant partners in attracting new leads. The strong growth in ecommerce and social commerce has meant that spa owners have the opportunity to leverage on new and savvier marketing channels, and we look forward to working with our partners again,” said Richin Desai, VP of Marketing at DEAL.com.sg


About DEAL.com.sg
Established in 2010, DEAL.com.sg has since transformed to become Singapore’s number one online shopping platform. Reaching out to thousands of customers daily, DEAL constantly seeks better ways to satisfy savvy shoppers in Singapore. First with the daily deal revolution in Singapore and now with its latest offering DEALivery.sg, DEAL has been at the forefront of ecommerce and social commerce in Singapore.