Ebizo Ichikawa XI Returns to Singapore

Tokina 11-20-New

Ebizo Ichikawa XI Returns to Singapore
with Japan Theatre 2015 to Revive One of Kabuki‘s Greatest Plays‏

Ebizo Ichikawa XI © Shunsuke Sakai

23rd June 2015, Singapore – First performed in 1699, Uwanari  is one of the famed Kabuki Jūhachiban, a set of eighteen kabuki plays that epitomise the Ichikawa family’s acting style. Uwanari, meaning “second wife” or “jealousy”, is a torrid tale of jealousy, hate, and love, wherein a jilted wife revenges herself against her ex-husband and his new wife. Passions will flare and dark schemes will bloom in this riveting play.

Along with Uwanari, Ebizo Ichikawa XI will also be debuting a brand new piece in Singapore, Mimasu Kuruwa no Kasauri, a piece about an umbrella seller who charms passers-by with his fine wares and irresistable charisma. When confronted by ruffians who attempt to extort him, the umbrella seller reveals himself to be Ishikawa Goemon, Japan’s greatest thief and outlaw. In a dazzling display of athleticism, he soundly beats the thugs and is lauded as a hero by the entire district.


This October, audiences will not only be amazed and delighted by one of Japan’s best living kabuki practitioners, but will also have the opportunity to witness kabuki history being made.

Tickets for Japan Theatre 2015 will go on sale on 11 July 2015 through Marina Bay Sands (marinabaysands.com/ticketing), for S$89, S$115, S$145, S$185 and S$350 (VIP).




17 October 2015 — Saturday

3pm & 7:30pm

18 October 2015 — Sunday



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