McDonald’s Ebi Burger TVC – Full Version.

23rd November 2013, Singapore – Recently many of us would have seen Mcdonald’s latest TVC – the Ebi Burger and the Banana Pie promotion. Out of curiosity, I had personally tasted the Ebi Burger & the Banana Pie – and fell in love with it. The promotion had been running for almost close to 3 weeks now, but sadly I have only managed to grab the “Ebi Feast” only thrice. The “Ebi Feast” consists of an Ebi Burger, a Fries, a Banana Pie and a Fizz drink.

Why only thrice? Everywhere is out of stock. I went to a few branches like Harbourfront, Potong Pasir, Kallang, Alexandra Retail Centre, Parklane, Yung Ho and even tried my luck with McDelivery, but it seems like no one has this Ebi Burger and the Banana Pie. Why is this so? McDonald is spending ad dollars buying so many spots on TV Prime time and only to have consumers going places but no Ebi burgers or Banana pies everywhere?

I must say that I am truly disappointed with McDonald’s this time. I am still curbing my cravings for the Ebi Burger & Banana Pie as I write. If only someone can tell me which branch has the Ebi Burger & Banana Pie now I will drop everything I am doing and I will fly there for my Ebi Feast.

Successful TVC, but leaving  me (and many others) sad because the only thing that greeted us is “No Stock”.


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