The Chaplin’s – Cakes with Sincerity

Photo: A Customized “Minions” Cake from The Chaplin’s.

15th October 2013, Singapore – Recently, a bakery have been making waves among foodies & food bloggers and I wonder what is it about this baker that had so many people talking about them. After a quick check with a few fellow bloggers, I gathered that this bake shop produces cakes & pastries of excellent quality and importantly, they are creative & sincere people who places priority in baking with a heart.  They are The Chaplin’s.

Photo: Every Cake from The Chaplin’s is a piece of art.

Lead by their fame and guided by my curiosity, I managed to laid my hands on their highly famed Sweet Potato Pandan Cake & the Almond Banana Cake .

The Sweet Potato Pandan Cake is unique, very unique. It’s an unexpected marriage between the pandan cake & the sweet potato. The cake is moist and instantly melts in my mouth and the chewable generous bits of sweet potato simply completes the experience. It just make me wanting to have another and another. Strictly speaking, this is one of the best evolution of traditional cakes. The good old pandan cake when paired with the sweet potato, it blends off seamlessly like the 2 had known each other for the longest time. This cake is well controlled in terms of overall texture, the clever ratio of ingredients , not too sweet, feels like a “Full-Bodied” cake and everything is just perfect in my view.

Photo: The Sweet Potato Pandan Cake,  A Must-try Cake from The Chaplin’s.

The Almond Banana Cake is a marvel. Topped with Almond Flakes, this super fragrant cake from The Chaplin’s again challenges traditional recipes with a new “feel” to it. Looks like an ordinary banana cake, the magic is revealed when one takes an innocent bite and expecting to taste the usual but greeted with many surprises. The sweet fragrant taste of banana seems to linger longer than other banana cakes that I had ever ate in my whole life and the cake is not dry to the mouth. It is slightly less moist than the Sweet Potato Pandan Cake, but much wetter on the mouth than most banana cakes you can find elsewhere. What surprised me most is when my wife and Mother-in-law started to eat banana cake after they had tasted what I had bought from The Chaplin’s. (They avoided banana cakes all their life only to start savouring after they tasted the version from The Chaplin’s.)

I decided to write to The Chaplin’s to compliment on their excellent cakes but ended up interviewing them.  I had a great chat with the team from The Chaplin’s and below is a little extracts from our conversation.

Photo: The Chaplin’s offers a wide variety of cakes.

Editor: How did The Chaplin’s started?

The Chaplin’s: It all started when our Co-Founder Miss. Maggie Teo discovered her passion for baking 3 years ago. She quit her then civil position from the Government sector after she graduated from a part time Baking Diploma at Cerealtech School of Baking Technology.  She joined a bakery shortly to gain practical experience.  It was then, she decided to take a step further and started The Chaplin’s where she now bakes & sells to her peers and relatives.

Editor: What was the inspiration factors behind the excellent recipes?

The Chaplin’s: Co-Founder Maggie grew up in a 3-generation family and she firmly believes that all sweet treats can be enjoyed by everyone & anyone. She had seen how her elder relatives are always concerned about the sugar level in most pastries & cake. Using this as an inspiration source, she tweaks with her recipes and hope that she can change this perception of her relatives with her cakes so that everyone in her family can enjoy cakes & pastries healthily without guilt.

Photo: Every Detail is well taken care of – only possible with sincerity.

Editor: Wow! That’s an amazing feat! So the main objective of The Chaplin’s is?

The Chaplin’s: At The Chaplin’s, we aim to provide high quality cakes & pastries baked with sincerity for people of all age group. We take special care to maintain our consistency from choosing the best ingredients to the final delivery just to ensure that anyone can enjoy our products. We hope to bring a smile to everyone who tasted our cakes & pastries.

Editor: It sounded easy but certainly not easy to do it. At the moment, what are the other excellent cakes that are on your menu?

The Chaplin’s: Under our “Traditional Cakes with a twist”, we have the Sweet Potato Pandan Cake and the Banana Cake with Almond Flakes which you had tasted. Next to be launched into this category will be Longan Wolfberry Cake.  As for “Cakes for All Occasion”, currently we have the Devil’s Food Cake (Rich Chocolate), Carrot Cake, Coffee Walnut Cake and Summer Citrus (a white chocolate mousse cake with mixed summer fruits fillings). We also offers customised fondant cakes – self made fondants that are used for our products that ranges from cup cakes to multi-tiered cakes. All customised orders are pre-discussed with the customer to understand their needs and we design and create the cake specially just for them.

Photo: Summer Citrus – A rush of freshness!

Editor: That’s a decent menu inventory! So among the list that you had mentioned earlier, which are the top 3 selling cakes?

The Chaplin’s: Our Top 3 selling cakes has to be the Sweet Potato Pandan Cake  which is one of a kind in the market. Next will be our Rainbowful Cake which is an instant hit amongst the younger generation. Lastly, the Devil’s Food Cake which uses high quality Belgium chocolate that leaves everyone craving for more!

Editor: There are a couple of pretty well-established online bake shops / blog shops, what makes The Chaplin’s different from the rest?

The Chaplin’s: We believe in balance. Instead of focusing on the outlook of the product & packaging, The Chaplin’s believes that there should be a delicate balance on both the taste and the appearance of the products. Such is our working believes & values or should I say formula, to distinct The Chaplin’s from the competition.

Photo: Cup Cakes for Every Occasion!

Editor: Sounds like you guys are on the right track! So what’s your future plan for The Chaplin’s?

The Chaplin’s: We hope to eventually expand our business and supply to events, cafes and restaurants.

Editor: Thank you for your time and I wish you guys success!

The Chaplin’s: Thank you!

About The Chaplin’s
The Chaplin’s aims to be the choice bakery for high quality cakes & pastries – baked with sincerity for everyone.
Providing choices like traditional favorites like Almond Banana Bread (Banana Cake as the west calls it) or the highly popular Sweet Potato Pandan Cake, The Chaplin’s offers an array of superb cake choices for every occasion to customized cakes (on request).
As a young bakery, the Pastry Chefs at The Chaplin’s promises consistancy for every product on the menu while maintaining the strictest quality control, this is a promise. The Chaplin’s cater supplies to events like parties, celebrations, weddings etc and is also available to supply to restaurants & cafes.

Contact The Chaplin’s at:
Tel: +65 92717299 (RoseMary)
Instagram: the_chaplins


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