Void Deck Theatre? The Walking Fish Story – By TAFC

Happening this Sunday.

The Arts Fission Company Presents The Void Deck Theatre: “The Walking Fish Story”!

So head down to 110 Hougang Ave 1 at 7pm or down to 421 Fajar Road at 9pm this Sunday 3rd of October! Admission Free!

Not sure why the picture turned out blur, do ring up TAFC should you have enquiries on this performance!


Artfission.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

About The Arts Fission Company (TAFC)
ARTS FISSION is a Singapore based dance laboratory with the vision to rekindle human spirit by a new genre of dance theatre informed by Asian traditions, cultures, and aesthetics.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia. Many of ARTS FISSION’s original creations are acute responses to the emerging contemporary Asian identity amidst the rapid developing urban environment.   These works aim to experiment and reinvent vernacular gesture and movement into a new dance vocabulary that cross-references between urban Asia and old Asia.  This artistic direction marks ARTS FISSION with a distinct dance profile. The 16-year-old company has presented over 60 full-length productions locally and internationally to date. www.artsfission.org __________________________________________________


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