JAF WELCOMES 50 JURISTS TO TOKYO – 2010 AdFest Lotus Awards



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TOKYO: On 20th July, the Japan Advertising Federation welcomed ADFEST’s esteemed Jury Panel to Tokyo with a fabulous Welcome Party, which took place at the Advertising Museum Tokyo.


Mr Yasuhiro Satoh, Chairman of the Japan Advertising Federation, personally welcomed all 50 ADFEST Jurists, who have traveled to Japan from 17 different cities. The event was also attended by many senior members of the Japanese advertising, marketing and production industries.


“When it was not possible to hold the ADFEST Lotus Award judging in Pattaya, the ADFEST Working Committee asked JAF for our support and cooperation in organizing the ADFEST Lotus judging in Tokyo. With the cooperation of so many organizations in Japan, we have been able to respond to this request, and it is a great pleasure for us to be able to hold the judging session in Tokyo,” said Mr Satoh.


“Perhaps it is the very first time in the advertising history of Japan to have so many of the leading creative talents gathering here. It is not only a pleasure but also a great honor for all of us to have this opportunity,” he said.


Mr Satoh encouraged guests to relax and enjoy Japan’s generous hospitality and delicious cuisine before resuming Day Two of the Jury Judging on 21st July. He also thanked all the advertisers, agencies and advertising associations who have helped to organize and sponsor this year’s Jury Lotus Awards judging in Tokyo.

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ADFEST has also extended its gratitude to all its Japanese sponsors. This includes JAF members Dentsu Inc, Hakuhodo Inc, ASATSU-DK Inc, Tokyu Agency Inc, McCann Erickson Japan and Drill Inc, as well as Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc, Sun-Ad Co Ltd., Dentsu Creative X Inc, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, HAT Inc, Robot Communications Inc and Taiyo Kikaku Co Ltd.


Corporate sponsors include famous Japanese brands: Ajinomoto Co, Kirin Brewery and Shiseido.


In addition to JAF, the Japan Advertisers Association Inc, Japan Ad. Contents Production Companies Association, International Advertising Association Japan Chapter and the Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation are also co-sponsors of the ADFEST 2010 Lotus Awards Judging.


Vinit Suraphongchai, Chairman of the ADFEST Working Committee, used last night’s Welcome Party as an opportunity to thank JAF as the umbrella organizer, and said ADFEST felt incredibly blessed to have so many friends in Tokyo.


“There is a saying in English which says, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. It means that in every unlucky situation there is also a lucky one hidden. As you know we had to cancel the ADFEST festival due to political unrest in Thailand. Unfortunately we also had to postpone the judging and moved it to another city. However, this time we are so lucky and right to have chosen Tokyo for this,” said Vinit.


Vinit explained that ADFEST is inspired by the same values as AdAsia, a big and successful regional advertising congress started in 1958 by Mr. Hideo Yoshida, the famous former president of Dentsu: “It was Mr Yoshida’s vision to promote knowledge and brotherhood within the advertising communities in the Asia Pacific region. Now from a creative point of view this is also exactly what ADFEST had set out to do… for 13 years now. So in helping ADFEST, you are helping to keep the same vision going.”


“In conclusion, I would like to thank the juries for taking time off to help us, and the Japan Advertising Federation for coordinating all this wonderful support given to us. Lastly, I would like to thank all the sponsors and contributors who have made it all so much easier and possible for us to be here thanks to your gracious and generous collective efforts,” said Vinit.
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ADFEST was originally scheduled to take place in Pattaya, Thailand from 18-20 March 2010. However, it relocated to Tokyo as a result of uncertain political circumstances in Thailand. The winners of ADFEST 2010 will be unveiled next week from Monday 26th July.


For further information, please visit www.adfest.com
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