Garden Affairs 014: ….Scarlet is Mumbling…


Garden Affairs 014: ……………Scarlet is Mumbling………

Slide12-2.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

We attended the showcase performance put together by The Arts Fission Company recently. Choreograph & Directed by Aaron Khek, we were treated to a series of surprises gracefully performed by Scarlet Yu.

Scheduled over 3 nights at The Arts Fission Company’s studio at Cairnhill Road, the company opens the dance to a full house every night. It was almost overcrowding on the opening night!

Scarlet was on her top form and remained consistent throughout the series, showcasing her various moves and glides sending the audience to places where only the mind can imagine.

We would like to exaggerate more on Scarlet’s impressive performance, but not this time. You can always Google for her; she is already famous when we came to know her. Instead, allow us to take you on a pictorial journey with us to relive and “feel” the energy from the performance.

We rated this dance showcase 4 Stars out of 5!


Let’s go!

(Picture Courtesy: Shutter Journey of Singapore Team – Allan Lee, Bernard Soh, Noel Ong, Tan Yoke Ling & Zul)
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Slide4-2.jpg picture by Viviobluerex 

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On a side note: 

With an informal setting and casual ambience, there are bound to be “Concert-Idiots”. People who left their mobile phones on ringing mode or simple refuse to switch off beeping devices.

For this performance, we found a female – “photographer wannabe” who is seated among the audience and was shutter-happy. She shot at 3 seconds interval even at the most quietest part of the performance where silence is required from the audience to fully re-create the ambience and mood of the scene. We later found out she was a close friend of the performer and we left the performance disgusted by such rude & barbaric behavior – selfishly displayed by this individual, which indirectly affected our overall experience.

All it takes is just one idiot like this person to spoil the audience’s experience with her off beat shutter speed at the wrong moment snapping away.

Such people obviously do not understand Camera Ethics of Concerts (CEC) and definitely do not respect performing arts. She is not even fit to be holding a camera at a concert/ performance to start with.

Worse, this is total disrespect to the performer(s).

Lastly, I believed no one ever taught her how to communicate with a journalist. We can lift or kill with our words.   
(Can you believe this? She is an Editor too, of some magazine. Go on, Laugh.)

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Support Performing Arts, Support The Arts Fission Company!
– If you would like to offer your support to The Arts Fission Company in any way, be a volunteer, or wish to be an adopter, please contact Miss Shirley Wong for a discussion at

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ARTS FISSION is a Singapore based dance laboratory with the vision to rekindle human spirit by a new genre of dance theatre informed by Asian traditions, cultures, and aesthetics.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia.  Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia under the artistic direction of Angela Liong, Cultural Medallion (Dance) recipient.

Many of ARTS FISSION’s original creations are acute responses to the emerging contemporary Asian identity amidst the rapid developing urban environment.   These works aim to experiment and reinvent vernacular gesture and movement into a new dance vocabulary that cross-references between urban Asia and old Asia.  This artistic direction marks ARTS FISSION with a distinct dance profile. The company has presented over 50 full-length productions locally and internationally to date. 

126 Cairnhill Road, #01-07/09 and #03-03/04 Singapore 229707 | Tel: +65 62386469 | Fax: +65 6235 4642 |


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