Meeting Chef Giordano Faggioli, Executive Chef, Ayana Resort Bali

Weeks ago, we were granted an Exclusive interview with Chef Giordano Faggioli, Executive Chef of Ayana Resort, Bali fame.
Chef Giordano Faggioli oversee 13 restaurants and bars, room serviced dinning and banqueting services at the resort. With over 20 years of experience whipping up culinary art pieces all over the world (including Executive Chef positions at the St Regis Beijing, and Four Seasons Resorts in Chiang Mai and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.), Chef Giordano’s culinary arts will tamed the most particular gourmet connoisseur and food critics in this part of Asia. 

Here we go.

SG Media Owner: May I know your birth origin?
Chef Giordano : I was borned in the city of Ferrara, near Boglonia in Italy.

SG Media Owner: What or who got you interested in culinary? At what age?
Chef Giordano : It grows on you. I was greatly influenced by my family’s home-cooked food handed down from traditional roots. I was vastly interested in the process from preparation to the actual cooking process. I get real satisfaction from the end product that got served and people enjoyed my food. Eventually, I turned professional. I picked up the real cooking part during a summer break at the age of 15 years old when I started as an apprentice cook. 

SG Media Owner: What’s your Number One Specialty?

Chef Giordano : I cook great pasta with fresh ingredients & seafood!


SG Media Owner: Do you have problem with the availability of ingredients in Asia?
Chef Giordano : Certain ingredients are not available in this part of Asia, the vegetables here taste different. However, locally sourced ingredients are a "surprise" to use, though quality is different, but it is good nevertheless.

SG Media Owner: Do you have a "Hero Chef" that you admire?
Chef Giordano : Nope. Every Chef works differently incorporating their own styles.

SG Media Owner: Is there a particular dish that you refuse to cook?
Chef Giordano : Nope. I love to cook. And I cook anything!
SG Media Owner: What is the most challenging dish to you?
Chef Giordano : Hmm. I would attribute the "challenge" to preparation of ingredients for authentic dishes, the process or concoction may be simple, the real challenge is getting the right ingredients of the correct grade. Sometimes, in dire situations, I improvised the use of ingredients to bring the taste closer to what or how it was intended to be by using local ingredients.


SG Media Owner: Do you have a country in mind that you wish you can be there someday?
Chef Giordano : Australia ~ Maybe.

SG Media Owner: Is there any food that you hated?

Chef Giordano : Er.. eyes of Yak, Chicken feet, etc. These items are appetite-killer for me.
SG Media Owner: If you are not a Chef, what would you be? 
Chef Giordano : Actor – I want to be popular & be with lots of girls (*grin)

Thank you Chef Giordano for your time and sharing your thoughts!

*Courtesy Arrangement of Ayana Resort, Bali. 


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