The 2009 Intercontinental Advertising Cup


cup1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex


BANGKOK: The ADFEST Working Committee is pleased to announce that the judging of The Intercontinental Advertising CUP 2009 will now take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Sunday 14th – Wednesday 17th March 2010.

THE CUP was originally scheduled to take place during ADFEST 2010, with judges due to arrive in Thailand on Saturday 13th March, and THE CUP AWARDS ceremony taking place on 18th March in Pattaya, Thailand.

However, due to the postponement of ADFEST 2010 following unexpected political events in Thailand, it was decided to move THE CUP to the alternative location in Sarajevo.

“I would like to thank our friends at Golden Drum and ADC*E (Art Directors Club Europe) for their help in relocating THE CUP 2009 to Europe, with the support of city mayor office of Sarajevo,” says Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST.

“We are very disappointed that THE CUP 2009 will no longer coincide with ADFEST 2010, but the organizers unanimously agreed that this was the right decision to make given that circumstances in Thailand could cause travel delays for our jury panel,” says Lam.

THE CUP Awards are organized by three regional festivals: ADFEST, FIAP (Ibero America), and Golden Drum (Eastern Europe). ADC*E (Europe) is also a participating member.

ADFEST will announce new dates as soon as possible and the event is likely to take place in late May 2010.


The Asia Pacific winners of THE CUP 2009 will be announced on the ADFEST website on Friday 19th March and the winners will receive their trophies on stage at ADFEST 2010. To sign up for email alerts, visit

To view the shortlist of entries from Asia Pacific agencies, visit
Cuplogo.jpg picture by Viviobluerex


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