Starting Right

It’s Day 11 of 2010.

I hope everyone had a good start to the year. I believed many are still nursing the corporate wound from 2009, while many have big plans for this year.
There are major changes within the ad agencies since 1 Jan and this is an annual ritual, go read elsewhere about what the changes are. I am not posting anything here as this is not my topic for the day.

Many of us are looking to a brand new start. Like a renewal that only ourselves will understand. New resolutions, and reviewing those that are not fullfilled since last season and likewise, employers are looking for a better financial report card and resolute to make more money to top up what was lost last year. But there are some who think otherwise.

The Employer
There is an employer that came to my attention that they are always hatching plans to remove staff from their company. Good times or bad times. Simple reason, always have new staff that are averagely paid are always a better option for company who wish to keep the staff cost low and consistent. Crazy it may be, but it is really happening. I wonder what goes into the brains of the company owners. New staff are cheap, yes, I agree, but having experienced staff are equally, if not, more important to keep the company competitive and for growth reasons. You don’t just open a business just to remain the same for decades right? I kind of pity those who joined this company and found themselves on the streets again after 2 years (Being the longest period a staff had worked there). Whatever it is, I hope those who are aspiring to change to a new job this year will open their eyes big, do their research and ask around before signing on any appointment letter. Good times or bad times, this company remains the same. The same operandi modus year after year.

The Employee
The same employee who had promised me that 2010 will be a brand new start is at it again. With the record-breaking number of medical leaves, unpaid leaves since the day she joined, surprisingly I am still keeping her. You must be wondering why right? With my management style, normally such an employee will barely last 20 days in my office! She has potential, and that’s why. For her merits, she had performed reasonably well as compared to all her predecessors. But her frequent absense from work is building up lots of tension. Her words are now hanging in the air. Her credibility are questioned. Her promises left unfullfilled. Whether it’s 2009 or 2010, nothing has changed very much. Hope she will understand that her absense has caused inconveniences to all her colleagues and bosses, which directly translated to more work and problems for everyone else. Nothing has changed since her promise. Nothing has changed since 2009. Nothing.

With another 354 days to go for this year, I hope everyone acheives what you have resoluted for, for renewed friendships, renewed passions & renew yourself.

Have a good week ahead!


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