Homekeeper – Maid Agency with a Difference.

As Singaporeans, we have heard enough "horror stories" about how some employers abused their maids.
On the other end, we have also heard about how revengeful maids abused employers’ kids and elderly during their absense.

Now, what really sparked this "war" between employers & maids?


That is what many people had claimed, but that is only the tip of the iceberg in reality.

I attribute good relationship between employers & maids to the pre-employment selection & training and with that, the maid agency plays the most important part.
In Singapore, there are hordes of maid agencies, so how do we start?

Simple. Use your eyes.

I remembered I was walking around at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre recently and this mall is known as the "Maid Hub of the West" as 70% of the tenants are maid agencies. While searching for my customer’s office and since I have some time to spare (I am always early for appointments), I decided to walk around and observe the maid agencies and the maids "on display".

What I saw?

There was a maid who got slapped in the full view of public, and the maid agency staff was scolding the already shamed and crying maid.
There were a group of maids scooping what seems like instant noodles from a huge pot and I presumed that was Lunch for them.
There were maids in (and outside) almost every agency on "display" in their monotonously themed polo tees and short hair.

Inhumane, I thought to myself. Until I came across this maid agency on the upper floor. The welcoming green logo greeted me when I was walking pass this agency.

Homekeeper is the name.

Something is certainly not right here, why? The maids are smiling, looks happy, fresh looking and for once, something different from what I had observed from other maid agencies within the same mall. I never came across any maids "on display" that was smiling & happy.

The maids at Homekeeper is different!

I popped in and find out more. I was then told by the friendly employment consultant that the maids were taught cooking at their very own kitchen! Yes, a fully operational kitchen that is used for training! And the maids get to eat what they had cooked for meals everyday! Not instant noodles like what I had saw from another maid agency! That must be one of the reason why the maids at Homekeeper looks much cheerful and happier than other maids at other agencies.

That is not all.
pix13.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
pix7.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
* Happy Maids are important. Especially during training, it set the correct precedence.

There is a mock bedroom with equipped with full training facilities and I can see the maids at Homekeeper are enjoying their training very much. I always believed a well-trained maid PLUS a happy maid will be the best combination for domestic helpers. Would you feel good if your maid pulls a long face at you everyday? You will probably reach out to that hot boiling kettle of water in no time.

I left Homekeeper totally convinced that this is one maid agency with a difference. And this is where I will get my maid next time once the contract for my current maid expires.

I did a search on Homekeeper ( http://www.homekeeper.sg/ ) and found some interesting facts.
– They have been in the people business for more than 12 years.   
– They are people-oriented, be it maids, staff or customers.
– They had served more than 30,000 households in Singapore.
– They are certified ISO 9002 by PSB.
– They have comprehensive training curriculum for all their maids.
– They interview their maids at country of origin.
– They have a wide network.

and from their website, I discovered…. the person who had spent time walking me around Homekeeper and explaining to me about their facilities & services without trying to "hard-sell" me anything is none other than Miss Carene Chin, the CEO! She is probably one of the most humble CEO that I personally knew! She was patient and cheerful througout the tour while I was at Homekeeper. With a CEO like Carene, I am sure the maids at Homekeepers are in good hands. And as a maid employer, I feel secured and comfortable with their maids, anytime!

carene.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Carene Chin,
Homekeeper Group

Looking for domestic help?

Look no further, email enquiry@homekeeper.sg  or call Homekeeper at their centres below.

logo-2.gif picture by Viviobluerex
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre Branch
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-60
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179
Tel: 6468 5220   Fax: 6468 2003
Email: enquiry@homekeeper.sg

Hougang Green Shopping Mall Branch

21 Hougang Street 51 #02-04/05
Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Singapore 538719

Tel: 6383 5220   Fax: 6387 5913
Email: hougang@homekeeper.sg

Katong Shopping Centre Branch

865 Mountbatten Road #01-58
Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

Tel: 6344 8191   Fax: 6440 4480
Email: katong@homekeeper.sg

Beauty World Centre Branch

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-08
Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177

Tel: 6465 0088   Fax: 6468 3558
Email: beautyworld@homekeeper.sg

Elias Mall Branch (Pasir Ris)

Blk 625 Elias Road #02-328
Elias Mall
Singapore 510625

Tel: 6585 5168   Fax: 6585 3488
Email: eliasmall@homekeeper.sg

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