Car Matters?

In Singapore, your car is your "face".

And it is by default that your car also double up as your corporate identity, your corporate status, a measurement of your success and everything that completes your professional image.

Shallow thinking?
Maybe Not.
That’s how society had made us.

Imagine all your junior staff are driving bigger cars than you who are drawing a fraction of your pay. As their Boss, would you feel good?
Imagine among all the management people in your company and you drives the smallest car?
At corporate functions where all the management level people meets, would you feel good caught with a tiny car at the car park?
When fetching a client, would you feel good showing up with a tiny car?

I can go on and on.

Pride comes into play here. But for a simple reason. Pride sometimes gets translated into confidence too.
And confidence is something that keeps a person going and going.

By choice, many of us in Singapore are "stucked" with a car. Tied to a loan that always seems to fall far behind the depreciating value of the car, changing a car literally means having to top up lots of cash for the existing car and coming out with more cash for the deposit for the new car. We are talking about thousands here. Now, how many of you are willing to part with "thousands" just to change a car? For "face"?

Not many.

Looking at the cars that my ex-staff and current staff are driving, I am indeed driving the smallest car among them, and among the management. Their cars includes makes like Nissan Sunny, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Opel Astra, Subaru Legacy and so on. And the Bosses are either on Lexus or Mercedes. As a management staff, I am in dire straits, a constant struggle, a butterfly in my stomach and lots of pride to deal with. This is like "unwanted stress". If not for the loan system in Singapore, I would have gotten something decent, most importantly, a car that commands at least some respect and better reflect my status & position in the company.

Just a couple of days ago, I was meeting a client and when the meeting ended, I offered the client a lift back to her office, then I remembered I have some miniatures mock up in my car that had already occupied 01 seat, while I have 2 staff with me that means the client have no seat. I quickly apologized that my car is full and I can’t send her back. Imagine the embarassment that I felt at that moment. My cheek literally blushed and I never felt so small in my life before. I was telling myself either I stop putting my company products in my car or stop driving my staff around.

At least the client is guaranteed a seat in my tiny ride.

A decent car may not be everything, but when the moment calls for it, it is everything.

Time to visit the car showroom soon.

I have created a picture below. I don’t even know why I created the below picture.

Cars.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

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2 thoughts on “Car Matters?

  1. Can’t agree more. No doubt about it, Singapore takes the #1 spot as far as such an association is concerned.Yes, it’s shallow but that’s the de facto here.I do agree that having a car of prestige can add confidence to one. But we should remain confident with or without any branded tags on us.Lastly, yes size does matter.

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