Sex In Advertising Series II – Part 4 ArtFoco Otica

Before we start, let me share something;

At a job interview……..
Boss         : So what salary package are you looking at?
Candidate : Hmmmm…. I want an annual salary of $50,000, 30 days of annual leaves, 1 month paid holiday, a company car, 21 days of medical entitlement that includes dentistry and cosmetic surgery.
Boss         : Hmm..(after pondering for a couple of seconds…) well, is that all?
Candidate : Yes Sir.
Boss         : OK, I will give you an annual salary of $90,000, 60 days of annual leaves, 3 months paid holiday, a company car with driver, 40 days of medical leaves that even extends to you family member. On top of that, I will also give you a condominium complete with maids.
Candidate : Are You Joking?
Boss         : (Laughing), you started Joking first. Now, tell me your expected package.

I had a good laugh at the above. Hope you too.
For today’s Sex In Advertising Series, we have ArtFoco Otica.
This is an advertisement from ArtFoco Otica, an optical brand in Brazil. It translates into "Art of Focus Optical".

There are 2 versions of this advertisement creative but I picked this version because it is simply more fun, more flesh.

Clever use the the eyesight chart and replacing the usual alphabets with a sexy lady doing a striptease over the graduating sizes,

well, it encourages one to remain "focus" right? 


I like this advertisement for sure. 

sexy-ad-2.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

You can see the other version over here:


ooh_logo.gif picture by Viviobluerex
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