SIAC 2009 & Effie Awards Singapore 2009

ring200920EFFIE.jpg picture by ViviobluerexIAS-1.jpg picture by Viviobluerex
Singapore International Advertising Congress 2009 &
Effie Awards Singapore 2009


As usual, I am back with my "field report".

However, this time I did not take any photo.

The venue is refreshing, finally. No more Shangri-La, which is a joy to many attendees.

This time is at SMU down by Bras Basah.

I enjoyed both the Keynote Lectures. Steve Henry of HHCL, London started first. However, I like the 2nd lecture by Adam Morgan (author of eatbigfish) better. Don’t ask me why. I was seated with the guys from SMRT Media, namely Ken Yong’s team.

Lunch was probably the most simple ever if compared to all past awards & IAS events. I had a good lunch partner today. None other than Gan, CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group. More of an old friend which we never really had a chance to sit down and socialize. We had a good chat today.

Through the lunch crowd, saw many familiar faces. One of them, Hui Chern from Sentosa. Hmmmm…. Saw Valerie, editor & publisher of Adlib Magazine potting around the whole day. She is always so busy. 

After lunch, the Effie Finalists Campaigns were presented ala "pecha kucha" style, which again, is something never done before. Very classroom style, I like it. I shall not share the highlights here, you will probably read about it in the trade magazines.

In between breaks, I managed to catch up with Ariane & Summer from OMD over a cigarette. Also met Melvin, Dpty Director of Consumer Marketing, Singtel. Was sharing with him about the differences between an iPhone and an iFake. Interesting. Also managed to catch up a little with Miss Chew & Alice of Mandate Advertising.

Then came the workshop titled "How clients & agencies can collaborate on creating a challenger mentality". Was seated with Gan. And we were then grouped for the workshop activities. This is serious fun. Imagine all the industry "heavy weights" are thinking together as a team. How often do you get that anyway? My cluster included David Tang & Rowena of DDB.

Lastly, the Effie Singapore Awards Ceremony. as for the results, find out yourself from the IAS website. The link is on the right panel on this blog’s main page. After that, managed to speak to Iris, Director of Marketing, Starhub for a while. Lucky she still "vaguely" remembers me. Last met her long time ago when I was servicing her account back at SCV days before it merges into Starhub and rebranded as MaxOnline.

Before I left, I had a good chat with Elaine Poh, Starcom. Also a long time friend all the way back to "D’Arcy" days.

As I left the venue, I am totally drained.

After all, it has been a long but happy day.

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