Chicken Soup Series Returns Part 11 Job Ad

Today we have a set of creatives from

They are simply amazing.


ATM.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Pump.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

coffee.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

photo.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

roller.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

washer.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Job.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

Cherish your job.

Job hopping is not exactly something to be proud of.


Wish List
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* More Media Associations to represent local media owners.
On Singapore Roads
* Met 7 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 2000 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads.
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2 thoughts on “Chicken Soup Series Returns Part 11 Job Ad

  1. Reminds me of Lat’s cartoon – a group of people working non-stop in an ATM, sorting, searching and feeding cash into the out-tray while a lady is withdrawing money from this machine.

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