Chicken Soup Series Returns Part 6 – A Special Interview

Welcome back Readers.

Today, I am pleased to publish this special article. Media Owners Hub was granted an exclusive email interview by the Owner of JANBOPAI Museum Japan,
 美比 益多 also widely known as "BP-Master". The "BP" is also a short form for "Body Painting". The art of body painting has been gaining fans from all over the world through the last few years. There are various reasons why people do body painting, from nudists to animal protectionists and from hobbyists to curious starters each with their own unique reasons.

Here we go.
Me : What started your interest on Body Painting?
BP : I enjoyed body painting as a "Trick Art drawn on Female Bodies",
as it is also a way to go out to the public without doning any clothes.
People who seen it on the first glance will not realise that
it is body painting. And most probably, these folks are seeing body painting in the flesh
for the first time in their lives. But soon after realizing it is body painting,
they are amazed. I find it fun to amaze these people and our BP models of JANBOPAI Museum enjoys
the experience thoroughly.
Me : How old are you?

BP : 54 years old.
Me :  Did you under went professional training for Body Painting?

BP : No. My occupation is an engineer. Body Painting is more of a
hobby. and it is not an ordinary hobby. Logical thinking and a creative mind
is necessary to draw/paint realistic clothes.
Me : How long have you been doing Body painting?

BP : Though I have been trying to find BP models since 1980s,
it was very difficult because internet was not available yet.
In 1998, I succeeded in finding the first BP model, Miss Tomo-chan,
through "Readers’ Network" of a magazine and completed my first
bodypaint "Op. 1".
As digital camera was not available at that time,
I took pictures with an ordinary film camera and
went to photo shop uneasily.
After Op. 1, I couldn’t find any other models for five years.
Op.2 was completed 5 years later in 2003.
The internet is made available at that time and
it allows me to find BP models much more easily.
You can see when each work was completed
in "Portal of Original Work Area."

Me: Typically who are the types of people who will do Bodypaint?

BP : There are two types of people who will be the likely BP models.
One is those who want to enjoy being nude.
Going out to the public without clothes is illegal in Japan,
so these people are looking at alternatives to go out without clothes.
Body painting is one of solution for doing this.
The other type are people who wants quick money without working for it.
I pay 500 dollars for each model for each work/ project,
and by being a BP model, it is an excellent way to get money within the day.
I spend more than 10,000 dollars for model charge, hotel charge
and travel fee in a year and I post the results openly on my website
to anyone without charging. My activity and works is a form of Charity work

for a lonely man like me.
Me: Had there been any accident or incident?

BP : It is illegal in Japan to show one’s naked breasts
and sexual organs to other people in public.
Painted body is not an exception,
BP-Queen-san and I were arrested by police on October 2nd, 2005
while taking photos of Opus 20 on the street in Tokyo
while there were no other people around except policemen.
Though the prosecution judged us as "not guilty" in the end,
BP-Queen-san and I spent one year living in anxiety waiting for
the judgement.
Me : What is the most challenging design that you had done?

BP : Op. 17 and Op. 50. (see the pictures from the 2 series below)

Op.17 Pictures
Op.50 Pictures
This is my favourite series Op.60.

Me : Where do you gain your inspiration from?

BP : Everything. From watching TV, walking along the streets,
and so on. I am always observing the clothes wore by young ladies.
Window shopping of lingerie is also useful to get inspiration.

Me : When you are not bodypainting, what will you be doing?

BP : I don’t have any other erotic hobbies. As I complete
more than ten works in a year, I am very busy to edit and upload the
web pages for those completed works and to respond to fans’ emails.

Me : What is your favourite design?

BP : All of my works are my favourite.
I always say "This is my best work." after each work
has been completed. I am a typical optimist.
Me : Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

BP : (Still) In Japan.
Me : Thank you.

Interview End
BP-master @ JANBOPAI Museum can be reach at or visit

If you are popping over to Japan and wish to experience the art of Body Painting,
please contact BP.

Not sure if he paint guys. 😛

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  1. How long does it take to paint a person? Can the model choose the design? How long can the paint last? Can the design be changed everyday like changing clothes? 500 dollars is yen or sing?I guess guys are harder to camouflage with body painting cos of the "dangling thingy" ba…

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