Sex In Advertising Part 13 Cabana & Tom Ford

Today, we have 2 creatives from 2 perfume companies.

One is from Cabana & the other from Tom Ford.

What has perfume got to do with a semi-naked girl on a beach chair and what has perfume got to do with er,…. you know?

I feel that the creatives do not justify what the brand is selling and consumers will be confused what image exactly are they trying to sell?

And if you look at the creatives properly, Tom Ford’s ad even declares, "The First Fragrance for Men From Tom Ford", I wanna guess how many ladies actually bought the perfume.

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8 thoughts on “Sex In Advertising Part 13 Cabana & Tom Ford

  1. Tom Ford’s perfume smell like vagina?! Cabana’s smell like asshole?! (thats what it looks like to me. with the butt showing and the vagina…my gawd…who would want to smell like that?!)

  2. but then again…neither of the ads look sexy. One is too straight to the point until no mystery left. another one has no eye contact but butt contact which really….does nothing like foreplay for the gutterminded. Oh…maybe its because there so much sex ads until I am feeling numb. Like too much porn and all you see is "in and out" and it reaches to a point that all you wanna do is eat popcorn and watch disney. ……. I’m not making any sense, am I?

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