Public Or Pubic

Are Your Ad Campaigns "Public" or "Pubic"?

Do you know what you are buying? Do you know what your ad agency are buying?

Is your ad agency a fair agency to start with? Are they an "all-rounder" or are they biasely skewed towards a certain form of media?

Are your ads giving you a great ROI? Did your sales really increased? Does the increased volume comes from your ad?

Did your campaign left an impression with consumers? Managed to grab a bigger market share?

Are the media owners credible with their figures?

Are your ads really "Public"?

Or is it limiting itself into a "Pubic" Corner?

If you think that you had spent on the wrong media, too bad, I am talking about you. 

I am mad.

This article is written with a great intended PUN.
On Singapore Roads
* Met 0 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 1722 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads.
– (Congrats to SGF2894J Champaign Nissan Latio, You are the 1,000th Idiot)
– SFU7550B Champaign Nissan Sunny, I will hunt you down, Bitch.
Wish List
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* More Media Associations to represent local media owners.
* All Road Hoggers MUST DIE & All Reckless Bikers Dead.

* Please tell me where can I dine without the presense of PRCs!
* Foreign Talents or Foreign Troublemakers? We shall see.
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4 thoughts on “Public Or Pubic

  1. Jaded> if sex is not important, nothing else is important liao. People eat so they can have energy to do sex. In order to eat, they need to work for money. The way we work ourselves to death – is actually all because of sex. honestly, I dont know how nuns/monks live. Its human nature to need sex – to reproduce. Its part of who we are. To stop having sex is like something unnatural and its against our human instinct/nature. I would like to cite: Human create hybrid of lion and tiger – the female of the hybrid cannot reproduce. Because, it is a hybrid and its kind of against nature. Am I out of the point? Aiyah, I’m boliao lah. pai seh ah!

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