Idiot of The Century – Joseph Tan

 Post Deleted as Anger Subsided over the Years.

6 thoughts on “Idiot of The Century – Joseph Tan

  1. SAG> I am trying to make the video file smaller so that I may email on request. Now problem is the file is in WMP File. Is there any software that can converts WMP file to MP4 file? Any to recommend?

  2. Almost all video conversion softwares support WMP to MP4 formats. I’m a big fan of InterVideo products and when lazy, Ashampoo.But since it’s a WMP or Windows Media Player file (.WMV for videos or .WMA for audios), just watch on PC will do.Unless u plan to keep that idiot’s video as a collection, don’t waste resource converting to an MP4 (DVD) format.

  3. Hello! I randomly came across this post and it sounds very much like a new neighbour called Joseph, whom I recently had altercations with in my condominium carpark. He was extremely arrogant and tried to intimidate me verbally and even physically. The court can’t help me because the cctv didn’t capture him grabbing my arm. So I’m just curious to see if this Joseph Tan is the same guy. From your description, he fits your profile EXACTLY. Obnoxious bully. Please email me your video for verification. Thank you soooo much!

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