Alternative Words


We all know that words can kill, words can affect major decision and words can manipulate the world if you know what to say, what to write and what words to use against the various type of people.

With extensive (multiple, great numbers) use of alternative words to express ourselves, indirectly to let the listener end up confused or unsure, or worse, they don’t understand, you are on the right track to the correct use of word manipulation.

To alleviate (ease, reduce) uncalled (unnecessary) confusions, try to abstain from using an appreciable (large, great) amount of vocabulary which are not usually anticipated (expected) during a conversation, unless that is the intention, which is designed to confuse the listener. A simple conversation may constitute (make up) several objectives which evince (show, prove) the intent when the speaker chooses the right words for the right effect in order to reach the intended effect.

By employing (using) axiomatic (obvious) terms and the tactful deployment of key words into the conversation, the recipient of these words will construe (interpret) in many possibilities of what the speaker is trying to put across, often leading to detrimental (harmful, damaging) impressions especially if the setting is in an office environment. Often, such recipients will try to circumvent (get round, circle) the conversation while thinking of an "escape" topic and sometimes even forced or cornered to concur (agree) with the speaker. Most times, the recipient will be subjected to an unreasonable amount of erroneous (wrong, untrue, unproven) claims or insinuation (implying, words with implications) that is very unilateral (one-sided, one-way).


To counter such speakers with a penchant for alternative words, you have to ascertain (find out) what exactly is the person trying to put across and make the person elucidate (explain, make clear) his points in details. Explain to the speaker that you are not blessed with the gift to envisage (expect, imagine) the "hidden" message embedded within the words. Apprise (inform) the speaker that by speaking in such a manner, it will jeopardize (risk, threaten) working relationship and productivity. The magnitude (size) of a problem/issue can be unfairly magnified leaving innocent colleagues to face with judgments or worse, losing their jobs.

Apart from words in the form of conversations, be wary of written words emanating (originating, source) from such a person too. Peruse (read, read carefully, look at) at the contents of the message and read over a couple of time just to be sure. You may just be lucky enough to discover words that are denoting (showing) secondary meanings. That too, depicts (shows) the true intention of the message. Scrutinize (read <look at> carefully) every word for the predominant (main) point.

Henceforth (from now, from today), ameliorate (improve, help) the communication between yourself and such a person by using alternative words too. This person will be surprised and shocked with your sudden use of colorful vocabularies as he/she thinks that no one in the same office can be as efficient as him/her when it comes to discharging alternative words hitherto (until now) onto a fellow colleague. Reiterate (repeat, restate) all words, both spoken and written, back unto this person, let this person domicile (live in, live with) in his own doings and experience a taste of his own medicine.

Not everyone is bestow (give, award) with the gift of words. So do not try to be too colorful with your alternative words. Sometimes being direct is better while avoiding misunderstandings. Do not forget many businesses failed due to office politics.

Promulgate (advertise, announce) yourself clearly the next time you are tempted to use alternative words.

Oops, had I been too colorful with my "England"?

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10 thoughts on “Alternative Words

  1. England not so popular now. I read from mypaper today someone want us to brush up our Mandarin. Can have a Chinese version then? :P

  2. Wah…Wow~keke…Can I say I m proud to already get to know some vocabs you mentioned above (extentsive, alleviate, uncalled, appreciable, anticipated, constitute, employing, detrimental, concur, erroneous, insinuation, ascertain, jeopardize, magnitude, denoting, depicts, scrutinize, predominant, reiterate, bestow)?Of course as sales personnel, we try not to use these words to confuse our client.

  3. Hi Jaded,As always , a great article. I must admit, I tend to use complicated language when simple words would do the job just as efficiently LOLBest wishesMaureen

  4. Leon> You can read me pretty well sometimes. I am preparing a mandarin article now on the creative use of mandarin.

  5. Creative use of Mandarin? There’s something rather cool that’s fast catching up.Eg. 囗 + 书 = 圕(pronounced as "图书馆")

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