Do You Shout At Your Boss?

Do you shout at your Boss?

Did you ever shouted at your Boss?

Will you even think of shouting at your Boss?

Some people just did that.

Shouting & talking back to your Boss will normally end up with One Conclusion.

The person will be packing within the same day.

Whether a Boss is right or wrong, never ever shout back or talk back. You may be angry or heated, but this person whom you are shouting at is ALSO responsible for your Bonus, Increment and Promotion. Let the Boss rant all that he/she wants and when he/she is cooled down, go talk to him/her with a different approach.

Don’t forget, he/she is NOT your friend, No Matter who is right or wrong, your job is dependant on him/her.

A staff whom I have been trying to shield her from "Axes" just did that to me. I’ve done a lot for her without she knowing. I had been super lenient and understanding to her personal problems and had been very giving to her special requests for time-off and early release.

Given my explosive temper, I would have hang up the phone and order her to pack her stuff.

Instead, I tried reasoning with her.


I am ridiculous to even try to reason.

She’s lucky today. Very lucky.
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31 thoughts on “Do You Shout At Your Boss?

  1. You think so? Staff cannot scream back? What about boss screaming at staff when staff has nothing at fault when things corked up? And boss shielded his own department ppl when they are wrong, and pointed you are wrong? How’s about that!?

  2. Superior screaming at staffs or scolding is a warning to the staff that something is going on. Either he/she changed his/her working style else get sacked. Superiors will never shout at staffs for nothing.In my previous employment, I encountered attitude staffs too. I wasn’t in the top management but I was in the middle and I m supposed to manage my own sales team. Having worked with my Superior for several year, I understand her expectations and I managed it well. I also make sure my sale staffs go in line with her expectations cos no matter what, she is the one that control my promotion and payroll (I agree with Jaded totally!).There was once my sales staff was on MC. The fact that I know my Superior too well – At the end of the day, she will surely asked me, "Though she is on MC but did she make an effort to do something at home?". I merely SMSed the staff, "If possible, if you are feeling better, do source for leads or make follow up calls". The next moment I received a rude SMS from her saying that in her condition, she don’t think she will be able to make any calls or source for leads! I was a bit offended but I kept quiet about her attitude to prevent her from being terminated (She was barely a month to the job and I want to give her a chance to prove her worth) as I have seen sales staffs who can perform talking back at Managers and got terminated in the end.Frankly speaking, she could have replied me apologizing that she is really sick and not able to do anything for work. I would be understanding towards her condition. It is obvious that she did not appreciate my help and guidance at all! All I want for her is just to get used to my Superior’s and company’s expectations.Managing the expectations of superiors, learning the different approach of conversing to superiors are some basic qualities to climb the corporate ladder, some people are just not suitable. Worst still if not careful, they could become the VICTIMS of politics due to their STUPIDITY!My advice to subordinates: Humble yourself down, you are just a staff. You may be lucky this time to be spared the "AXE" but it won’t be all the time.I survived due to my submissiveness and obedience. Especially at this bad time, it is not advisable to show your attitude at work!

  3. I would think it is in expectation for higher authority to SHOUT at us for whatever reason but shouting back should only do so as when you are ready to jump off board. Seems like your staff is ready for that?I can empathize with you for being a understanding person. You are a boss that run a business for profits and there is only so much council you can give which I think you did. End of the day, is dollars and cents and may only empathy only come on second place in business. You have written much post on the subject too. Sometime a leader have to do some in favorable action. To your bosses, your KPI is about how much money you earn and not really on how well you manage your staff right?People can either be a solution or a problem.

  4. ah…. i’m guilty of shouting at my boss. I’m not proud of it. but my boss here – is my father (and he was shouting at me at the most ridiculous thing). The staff can of course shout at the boss, provided the boss is her father too, because if not, the staff is very stupid.

  5. Disagree.NO civilised adult should shout at another – regardless of whether they’re responsible for bonus, increment and promotion.In the first place, why use a superior-employee r/ship to justify the right to shout?Whoever shouts (staff or boss) first, my advice: Go see a shrink.

  6. Quote from Ling tyl: "Superiors will never shout at staffs for nothing."Guess you’ve never meet this kind of superior.

  7. Leon>It is not right say Bosses can shout as they are of a higer authority. But what are they shouting about is most important. Bosses don’t go arouund and started shouting at staff for no reason.

  8. Kim> Yep. Unless the Boss is your family, maybe then, the person can get away with it. And I also understand why you shouted at your Boss(Dad), because he had been unreasonable. I wasn’t unreasonable to start with.

  9. SAG> you must agree with me that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for everything. Yes, civilized people do not shout at people until they met uncivilized people and the civilized way of communication is not being comprehended by the uncivilized.

  10. Joe> It looks like you need to meet my parents (aka bosses). My lady boss (aka mother) way of talking is to shout. My boss (aka dad) way of talking is also shout. talking to them – one has to either – to raise above their voices level (shout) or simply yell (scream). My mom can ask "HOW COME YOU YOUNG GENERATION WAY OF TALKING IS LIKE MUMBLING?! NO ENERGY! NEVER EAT AH??!?!?!?!" – For goodness sake, the way my mother ‘talks’, even 3 streets away can listen in lor!!!!!! No matter how civilized I tried to tell them that not every place is a WET MARKET but it all fell on DEAF EARS – cos who wouldnt be deaf when one has been exposed to such shouting on a daily basis?! ok. My bosses are not civilized. They are old AH BENG AND AH LIAN.

  11. "you must agree with me that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for everything. Yes, civilized people do not shout at people until they met uncivilized people and the civilized way of communication is not being comprehended by the uncivilized."Bro>I totally agree with you on this one. CAN ANYONE BLOODY IMAGINE MY LIFE HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO UNCIVILIZED PPL (BOSSES AND CUSTOMERS ALIKE.) I may use "motherf**ker" once or twice. You should hear their languages here – all hokkiens vulgarities are like daily bread. The ‘kan-ni-nah" is a fav verse of my boss.

  12. Let me clarify. I shout all the time, ever since I was a teen, to people who shout for no apparent reason or think they can talk that way. Yes, no need to give face to people like these. That’s my way of life.To those who use shouting as a form of communication, I shout back too & harder, be they males or females, young or old, superiors or inferiors.That was my point.

  13. A fool display his foolishness by the words that they speak. If that chap apologies and remorseful after the incident I think that may change thing a little. ya?

  14. Hi All, this must be the MOST POPULAR Article and the most debatable Topic and the MOST Commented since I started Blogging.Thank everyone!

  15. Daphne>You are right. I m lucky that I have not encountered such bosses that shout at me for no particular reason but as a superior, I have been shouted by staffs for me asking them to do their own things. I guess my management sucks to the core that my staffs have simply no respect for me or I m simply too easy to be bullied.Some people think by shouting, they can get what they want, instill fear in others or command respect. My staffs can always shout at me for whatever reason to "win" their argument but they have to remember one thing – Humans hold grudges against each other. As understanding as I want to be, I m also a human.Seriously I never shout at people. I simply ignore them. Soon, I don’t even listen or hear them out. I totally take them as transparent. My way of handling irritating Babarians who like to strike arguments or shout.Advice to staffs who want to climb over their superiors’: You may win the argument at that moment but you may not be the UITIMATE winner.

  16. Sometimes people do unknowingly ‘speak louder’ when communicating. Let’s give them a benefit of doubt. Bosses are like our teacher/principal in school. I guess i will be equally shock if i see a student shouting at a teacher/principal. It just don’t look right. Overall, by shouting doesn’t mean you will get a msg across. Who exactly will listen when they are being shout at. I guess its the same effect as we get from a nagging mom, you ears will somehow filter the noise or ‘shut off’. So i think if your purpose is to irriated someone, then shouting is the way. But if you really have the intention to communicate about an issue, then be receptive and open your ears. my 2 cents.

  17. Stefinx> I like the part on a Student shouting at a Principal. Make lotsa sense. However, student these days not only shout at their principals, they even wacked them.

  18. Hey, I am back. Been MIA for a long time. I just wanna say, its not fair for the employees even if they didnt shout or argue with the boss. If they are asked to go in the end. I had the same incident happened to me and my boss. I argued with her over some of her unreasonable thinking. All my colleagues and even team leaders knew I am right. Fine, I was very angry then. After awhile, I find its pointless for me to stood at her lvl. All of us knew that she is not an easy person to work wif. After that incident, I kept quiet even she is in the wrong. Dont wanna waste my time and energy arguing wif her. Things got better I think for now. Who knows later she flares up again. I only do my work and talk less to her. I just hate it when ppl said… " all bosses are always right". Even though I knew its so wrong. If only the bosses can even think in our shoes.

  19. Janice> Dun disappear lah….., Indeed Good Bosses are hard to find, especially one that is fair and professional in these times, sack your Boss.

  20. I am trying not to disappear. I make it a point to come in my space to check up on updates.How to sack my boss? Cant man.

  21. Economy is doing so bad, I cant just sack my boss like this.I planning to further my studies as well, so need to at least stay onto this job.My contract ending in July, not sure whether my boss will want to keep me a not.If economy not doing this bad, I would have left in Dec/Jan already.:(

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