Today, I received an email that indirectly requested me to send marching order to a female sales staff.

First, I asked myself a few questions before I drafted my reply carefully choosing words and with the most sensitive precision.

That’s because a wrong word means the staff in question would be packing her bags within 48 hours.

I ask myself. "Had I been too honest (to the Management)? Had I been feeding the Managment too much information? Had I been an ineffective Boss to an indifferent person? Had I been to lenient to her that leads to her doom? Had I …….?" Questions flooded my mind.

Or I shouldn’t even blame myself? (Then whose to blame?)

On my hand, I have 2 hardworking staff and 2 staff that are "regarded" as "laggards" which 1 of them, a male, had shown tremendous, if not drastic improvement recently. Had the recent fast-paced working style somehow belittled or micronized the work contribution by this female staff? A senior staff suggested that this female staff had comply almost everything within her parameters and job responsibility. While the rest had been "over-contributing", she is just meeting the minimum standards.

Now that actually pulls her apart (and afar) from where the division is actually moving and heading. The eagles (Bosses) spot her on and she got a new work station within an invisble satellitle.

Are we are too fast for her? Maybe. Isn’t the way to survive this bubble-gum economy is nothing but being fast?

I convince myself many times that her maternity leave blues is playing up on her. But she’s already been back since late Jan 09.
I know she needs time. (But how long?) And after several attempts to get her into action seems futile and it gets meaningless with every session.

I got an impression that everyone is already way ahead at 180km/h while she cruises at 90km/h, at legal limit and you can’t really fault her. How to when she is abidding the law? I don’t go around teaching my staff to be lawless, but sometimes it’s about working hard & smart.

Maybe the whole team (including me) should get a "speeding (working) ticket" and get heavily FINED should our hastened performance costs her, her job.

Or maybe she should stop hogging and speed up a little say cruising at 100km/h, at least the Traffic Police will not fault her given the "legal accepted allowance".

That at least, will put her out of the satellite and she may be given more time to rediscover her true potential as a media sales person.

I had experiences prior to "axeing" people. But how can I be a good Boss if I do not do whatever I can before I pulls out the AXE?

Good Boss, Bad Boss are still Boss.

Let’s see, AXE or HAMMER?

Axess.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

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14 thoughts on “Axe

  1. Good Boss, Bad Boss, are still boss? You wanna know the diff?The diff is that:Bad Boss = Capable employees quit without the need to axeGood Boss = Axe the employees with lousy performances

  2. hmmm….I think she did not meet the minimum standard but she has done what was required of her within her job scope, there is no minimum standard here. She has not done anything wrong but could be benchmark set by some other staff that made her look bad in the bosses’ eyes.I have friends telling me that I have caused the termination of some ex-colleagues. She used to be the favorites of one of my lady bosses but ever since I came in, things change. I m sorry for what has happen but I m not guilty of it. I think the amount of effort I want to put in in my work is up to me.Probably my short term goal could have been someone else’s long term goal. Such words also greatly show what kind of character the person that has blurted it.If this person is still reading this blog, my advice for you is "Blame yourself for your termination, you are just not up to standard yet!"

  3. If speed is a meaningful parameter in that environment, then use it generously in employee appraisal.If not distance & time should not be used at all to penalise anyone. Speeding is both unsafe & unhealthy.Whatever, do not use the axe. It’s bloody.

  4. Interesting stuff. Difficult decision to make.Ask yourself a question – Did she make enough for your organisation with what she’s paid for? If yes, then may be she should be given a chance to improve her performance. If no, then xxx.

  5. bro, my mobile phone is acting like it was dipped into the toilet bowl…it couldnt receive sms, calls, and sometimes, it couldnt connect call to others!!!! i’m sorry, but i dont have the time to buy a new hp….

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