PMEBs – Don’t Know?

Barely containing my laughter.

I had some flashbacks from a meeting that I had last week.

I attended a meeting with a Landlord’s appointed Management Company.

That was one hilarious meeting. Believe me, I’ve met anyone more stupid in my life.

There’s this new guy, his name is Joseph Tan and with him is another guy called Mr. Lim Kee Teck. Both are new to this property and they are certainly passe, junks of the industry.

In business today, we are talking about being treated fairly as business partners and creating "win-win" situations to survive and stay in business. Not pressing and treating everyone as if people will bow to you or people are stupid to be stepped on and bullied.

So this incredibly stupid duo proves that there are indeed stupid people in this world.

I was blessed to have Dale McAllister attending the meeting with me on my request. The whole meeting sparked off because the landlord wanted something that my company is not within that domain. So instead of me trying to be what I am not, I roped in Dale. Dale is the Managing Director of @Life. (Don’t know what is that? Go to any McDonald’s in Singapore and stare hard at the screen inside every McDonald’s restaurant and figure that out.) Dale was trying to educate this Dumb Duo, but they kept interuppting. I can see that Dale was clearly losing his patience, but he kept his cool.

If it was me doing the talking, I would have fucking shut the hell out of this Moronic Duo. When Dale had finished talking, he asked the Braindead Duo a couple of questions which they (in the capacity of a managment company) cannot answer Dale. And when this "Dodo" Duo asked Dale questions, Dale gave them the answers but apparently this "Goon Duo" are clearly not intelligent enough to comprehend what Dale was trying to say!

And that Joseph used "ROI" (Return On Investment) on calculating customers versus rental rates and he even used the car park entry-exit figures as a shoppers’ vistorship! Can you tell me if there is anyone you can think of right now that can be more stupid than this Joseph guy?

The last straw? When Dale explained the need to tap into the "PMEB" segment, Joseph asked: "You mentioned PMEBs, what is PMEBs?"
I burst out laughing. I swear if I had a gun I would shoot him until he is dead twice!

*Below is how Joseph looks like in real life.
JosephTubby.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

He is clearly embarassed. Embarassed by his own stupidity which he had just proven himself to be an idiot. Amongst us, there’s another staff from the management company and I brought along a manager whom are going to service him. All of us were stunned. And something tells me after that 1 hour plus we’ve been talking, I suspected that this Twisted Duo probably didn’t understand what we are trying to tell them or simply not intelligent enough to know at all!

However (and indeed), that meeting made my week! When the meeting ended, I can see Joseph is worried. I had the whole meeting recorded on Video. Now I have solid proof that he is stupid and not worth his salt in his capacity. I was contemplating sending that clip to the Landlord or even posting it up on Youtube! But I shall be graceful and hold my fire. I am sure that Video will be useful one day.

I had coffee with Dale after that meeting and we had the best laugh in the whole of December 2008.

I am glad Dale "rescued" me in some ways. Most glad to have found a buddy in the same industry like him.

I will be back with more updates on this uselss Duo soon.

Maybe a Youtube video next time, meantime, go watch "Dumb & Dumber"..
DND.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

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3 thoughts on “PMEBs – Don’t Know?

  1. And these dumb asses are always the last to realise that.I would have reacted the same way, with questions so their brains get a much needed warm up.

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