Close Encounter of the “One” Kind

This is one "One Kind" Landlord……..

Landlord : Can You add a Digital Plasma Panel Here?
              Can Sell Ads.

Me        : But no one uses this corridor!

Landlord : You put the panel then people will walk here.

Me        : People install plasma TV at places where there’s 
              human traffic, not install a plasma to attract traffic.

Landlord : If I insist?

Me        : This is my competitor’s number, please call them.
              Dun get me involved with your stupidity.

Me        : May I know why U want to start installing all these
              plasma tv?

Landlord : Because other shopping centres have, we also want
              to have.

Me        : (Sarcastically) How "smart".

That was one close encounter. I last heard this landlord REALLY called up my competitor and my competitor ask this landlord to go "fly kite". (see Wikipedia)

Below are 3 videos that are not advertising or media related. But it made me laugh until tears came out from my eyes. A very good way to destress. However I have to warn you, don’t try to watch these videos in your office and trying to suppress your laughter, the result can be health-damaging (ha ha!) lastly, keep your speakers on.





On Singapore Roads
* Met 3 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 1083 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads.
– (Congrats to SGF2894 J Champaign Nissan Latio, You are the 1,000th Idiot)
Wish List
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* More Media Associations to represent local media owners.
* All Road Hoggers Dead & All Reckless Bikers Dead.
* For God’s Sake Clean Up Trash On Public Roads, esp AYE.
* Petrol to return to "Normal" Prices.
* No Roadworks during Peak Hours Please!

* Please tell me where can I dine without the presense of PRCs!
* Foreign Talents or Foreign Troublemakers? We shall see.


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