Recetly there has been too many flashbacks on the work front. Contributed by recent activities and going-ons, it seems to rake up lots of memories.

Bad Memories to be exact.

I remembered one of the ex-staff, his name is Jxxxn Pxk, a total failure and wastrel that reports to work late regularly and not really performing to the company’s standard. Even though he brought in a little result, I caught him faking an appointment one day and I had no choice but to exercise disciplinary action on him by termination. That decision came after several warnings in the form of email, official warning letter and even had many talks with him. I last heard he got sacked again from a printing company he joined shortly after he was asked to leave my company.

Then months later, came a new guy, his name is Pxxxxxk Lxxw. I pinned high hopes on him as he is well-spoken and presentable. He was hardworking, but that was only the initial period. As days gone by, his true colours starts to show. He started disappearing in the evenings and mornings citing "last minute (early or late) appointments" and claimed client called him. My patience was running out fast back then but I kept my cool many times when he produce ridiculous excuses for things undone. In the like of Jason, I caught him faking an appointment (he is apparently sleeping at home) and I have no choice but to ask him to leave. This is again after several warnings and many sessions of counselling.

Many of you would have remembered "Lessy", the new staff that worked only about 3 days and left due to petty reasons that he is unable to adapt to a new environment and company culture. His real name is Leslie Yeo. Sighz, I hope he has gotten himself a job and move on in his career.

I do not know why these 3 guys came back to my mind for no reasons.

I do hope they do not go out there and claimed that he had worked under me, that would be a huge embarassment for me.
I have never employed such low-quality staff before.

Hope they are all well and had settle down in a new job.


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