If Given A Choice….

If given a choice, I want to be at Si Chuan now.

Looking at all the footages on TV on the Si Chuan Earthquake(s), I felt a pain, this may be a natural disaster, but it’s also a test on all humanity.

I can’t do anything more than just a monetary contribution.

I hope those alive from the quakes will be strong and move on, there’s a lot to be done.

If you have not contributed or donated anything, please do so. Personally I hate PRCs in Singapore, but this has nothing to do with personal preference anymore.

Help, if you can. Differences can be sorted out at a later time.

On Singapore Roads
* Met 0 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 698 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 

Wish List
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* Form more Media Associations to represent local media owners.

* All Road Hoggers Dead.
* For God’s Sake Clean Up Trash On Public Roads.
* Petrol Companies are Profiteering yet Authorities Don’t Care.
* No more roadworks during Peak Hours!

* Please tell me where can I dine without the presense of PRCs!
* Foreign Talents or Foreign Troublemakers? We shall see.

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