Featured Blog – Evergreen Volunteers

I came across a blog of a volunteers’ group.

It reminded me of my days working part-time as a volunteer in the past with "HELP" (Help Every Lone Parents), a group that help and counsel teenagers from single parent family, my past stint with a few Elderly Homes in Johor Bahru, doing my part locally at Yishun Leprosy Home, Singapore Cancer Society, St Joseph Home, Salvation Army…etc.

I can never forget those days when I was so immersed in helping others when I myself was not in a very good shape then. But what I received is more than what I gave, as I got rewarded with a satisfaction that money can’t buy, friendships that are priceless, crossed borders that everyone else thought was impossible. Doing volunteering work somehow became an encouragement to myself to move on with life on a more positive note as well.
Whenever we lend our hand to the needy, the hungry, the lonely, not only we brighten their lives, we bring hope to these unfortunate souls.

And you never know when you will need these "hopes". We do grow old someday right?

Evergreen Volunteers sacrifice their Saturday afternoons helping out and organizing activities for Brighthill Evergreen Home for the Elderly. They are not backed or affiliated by any other company, group or association. It function on "friend-brings-friends" operandi and I think they are doing a great job.

If not for my heavy job committments right now, I would have join them. And I hope to join them one day.

If you are enthusiastic and passionate enough to help this volunteer group, please contact Miss Catherine by clicking Evergreen Volunteers or visit http://evergreenvolunteer.spaces.live.com/ for more information.

Remember, there’s Karma in everything we do.
On Singapore Roads
* Met 0 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 519 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 

Wish List
* All Road Hoggers Dead.
* For God’s Sake Clean Up Trash On Public Roads.
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* Form more Associations to represent the local media owners.
* Please tell me where can I dine without the presense of PRCs!
* Petrol Companies are Profiteering yet Authorities Don’t Care.

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