Part 7 (Chicken Soup for Media Owners)

More Chicken Soup for Media Owners (Part Seven)
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Do you has a “Bag of Tricks”? Are you a Media Owner with Tricks?

Email me at ( should you have something to share with fellow Media Owners here.
Each & every Account Servicing people have a trick or two up their sleeves when they are out meeting clients. Even though we are armed with Media rates, circulation auditing reports, nice flyers…etc, but it’s these “tricks” that created their identity of each and every single individual.

This is our virtual weapon of sales….


The Back-Stabber
This is probably the worst of its kind. A sales presentation given by such a Media Owner will definitely includes defaming of his/her competitors. If the person is selling ads for a magazine, likely this person is bound to compare competitors’ “questionable” circulation numbers, actual print-run, unconvincing distribution…etc. By doing so, this Back-Stabber hopes to achieve the effect of elevating one’s product and puts everyone else down using this trick.

Marketers of today are not stupid, in fact they are well-informed, make judgment based on facts and figures. Such Back-Stabbers  will only left behind a bad impression with the clients and will be refused future appointment requests. 


The Advocator
This is one smart Media Owner that we should all learn from. The Advocator plans his/her presentation nicely so smooth that it flows nicely filling the clients with facts & information, but with “booby traps” lay in between the lines. Once the client starts asking questions, usually about information that falls “in between” the lines, the Advocator has all the answers ready and even more facts to back up the claims. Such planned and well executed presentation usually leaves a deep and lingering impression of a sales presentation professionally done.

In “Tsun Tzu’s Art of War”, there is a saying of lining up the army in “Even” rows and hide the “Odd” rows. Use the “Odd” only against the Odds.

This is an ancient trick of giving only partial (but sufficient) information during the presentation. When the other party starts asking questions on the things you partially shared, you can be sure that you have all the answers right in your pocket.


The Teletubby
You must be thinking what has doing ad sales got to do with these ugly-but-love-by-kids creatures in four colors. I remembered there was once, a media owner from a directory came to see me. He tries to sell me an advertisement which I do not have the need to advertise. I started comparing his publication with a competitor and I even tell him how weak his directory is when up against his rival. Guess what he did? He smiles, start repeating what he had said earlier from top to end all over again. I was slightly irritated, but amused. So I started asking him more questions on his directory’s unique selling point (USP), with the same smile and cheery tone, he repeats the whole presentation again from top to end. What a “Teletubby”I thought to myself.

I felt entertained and somehow can’t stop thinking his close likeness of those ugly creatures. Somehow, I got the idea that he is probably new and whatever he had told me and repeated twice must be all that he was taught. He could be a new guy trying out directory ad sales! At that point, I decided to advertise with him and gave him a chance. It does help when you not only talk like “Teletubby”, he dressed like one too. Good trick eh?

Above are just a couple of “tricks” that I had encountered with various media owners who came to see me and tried to sell me advertisements. There are certainly more tricks out in the market which I am not comfortable sharing here. Clever tricks will win sales and bad tricks will make you lost not only the sales, but credibility, reputation and the client too!

I do have my tricks as well.

If you still remember,

I am a Media Owner too.

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On Singapore Roads
* Met 4 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 426 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 

Wish List
* All Road Hoggers Dead.
* For God’s Sake Clean Up Trash On Public Roads.
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* Form more Associations to represent the local media owners.

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