Part 4 (Chicken Soup for Media Owners)

More Chicken Soup for Media Owners (Part Four)
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Press Conference? Media Launch? Advertising Events?

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Attending Media events are part & parcel of being a Media owner. Like it or not, you get invited to such functions from time to time. I have attended no less than 200 events over the last 10 years.

From new car launch to rebranded shampoo launch, and from Movie Gala to Industry Awards Judging, I’ve seen many types of people you would probably see at these events. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent characters at these media events……..


The Party Animal
This group of people drink hard, talks loudly, donning “party-ready” clothes and wears a “million dollar” smile. I bet you have seen these people ever so often at media events. Most of them sits on middle management level and are not new to the media industry. Whether they are seeking attention or just being themselves, no one knows, really.


The Audience
Now, this group watch what the Party Animals do their things and observe them closely. This group consists of mostly people from the higher management. Their eagle eye monitors what the Party Animals (or their subordinates) are doing and “marking” anyone who does “funny things” just in case a particular animal shows up at the next job interview.

The Gossip Mongers

This is the group to watch out for. If you stack your plate full and you get labeled as a Greedy Glutton and the whole media industry will know about it in 3 days. These Gossip Mongers could be anyone at any hierarchy level and mostly seen hurdled in a small group chit chatting (quietly) among themselves in a corner. If you spotted a group as described above, stay far away, make an early exit if you can. If you had been a “Party Animal” during the event, ask around, especially your peers if they had heard anything about you recently…

The Freeloader
Most media events are held after office hours, many would have show up with an empty stomach. Some even turn up with their whole team for a free dinner when ONLY one person was invited. This group is mostly junior executives and they will be the first to check out what’s in the goodie-bags. This group will only hang around the buffet table or at the bar whenever the drinks are free flow. They will try to “sample” all the available food and if there’s wine, they can be seen gulping down glass after glass like there’s no tomorrow. Some even got drunk and joined the “Party Animals” after they had their fill at the buffet.

The Cool Loner
This character came alone. Avoids conversation with people and doubles as an “Audience”.
Usually this person hates attending or seldom gets invited to media events and he/she would probably not even go near the buffet table. A typical Loner usually comes from the Middle to Higher management. He/she avoids eye contacts (the start to a conversation), walks around to prevent people who may approach him/her and usually leaves early even before the event ends.
On other occasion, a Loner may spot another Loner and a short conversation may follows. (Usually a quick introduction and exchange name cards) Then both Loners may stand together with no further exchange of words.

The Groupies
A combination profile of Party Animal + Gossip Mongers. This group usually consist a mixture of junior staff with maybe one or two senior staff and they feel secure and safe in numbers thus travel and move around in packs. Once in a group, they are less image conscience and probably behaved in a manner that even you will not approved of if the same behavior is duplicated at the office. No one in the right mind will approach a “pack” of people (strangers) and introduce himself/herself right? Would you? 

The Mobile Marketer
This group/person is probably the “lowest form of life” at media events. The Mobile Marketer turned up at events armed with enough name cards to give every guests and if this person is in publishing, he/she may even brought a lot the latest issues of the magazine he/she is representing and starts to distribute to everyone. This person usually moves around the event and starts to introduce himself/herself to as many people as possible. Once he/she established that a person is doing marketing or handles the advertising decisions, you can be sure to see the Mobile Marketer “leech” up the person and in some extreme cases, the Mobile Marketer ends up doing an impromptu sales presentation! Yes, there and then at the event!

So next time when you get invited to any media events, behave yourself. Just relax, be friendly, put on a smile and chat up with people around you. Be humble even when talking to competitors and don’t be an animal.

You never know who you may end up interviewing during your next recruitment exercise or end up working with.   


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On Singapore Roads
* Met 3 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 415 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 

Wish List
* All Road Hoggers Dead.
* More "Media Free Play" from The Government.
* Form more Associations to represent the local media owners.


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