How Far Would You Go? Part One (Chicken Soup for Media Owners)

More Chicken Soup for Media Owners (Part One)

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How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go to clinch a deal? I am not talking about ad agencies pitching for “Dream Accounts” or for that “Million Dollar Pitch”. I am talking about how Media Owners go all out (just) to get an advertising contract signed. I bet many of you (especially ad agencies or marketing folks) are not aware. This spins off a new series of articles of what Media Owners had went through facing the unimaginable advertisers with their own experience. Do email me ( should you have some unforgettable experience to share with fellow Media Owners here.
Watering Holes for a Non Drinker.
I remembered one of my ex-staff from one of the publishing company that I used to work. He was tasked to handle the F & B (C) categories (Cat A – Restaurants, Cat B – Fast Food, Cat C – Bars, Discos & Clubs/Pubs). He was facing a lot of problems getting advertisements especially from the “watering holes” segment. Another reason could probably be that these establishments usually starts their business in the late afternoon or evenings making his working schedule a bit irregular. And to make that worse, he is not a drinker.


After observing him for a couple of weeks, I decided to intervene and ask him if he needs assistance. He poured out his difficulties and shared with me on the type of advertisers he faced. I took him out for a drink and gave him some advice. I seldom saw him in office after that night. All I told him that night was, “Just how far and to what extent you will go to break into this industry?”

2 Weeks Later…..

He came back with 06 contracts signed and I was excited yet curious how he managed to do it. He told me after that night (Our meeting), he went home to think over what I’ve said and he devised a few plans to start approaching these

First, he learns to drink alcoholic drinks by gulping down at least 3 cans of beers every night so that he can hold his liquor limits and he starts to work only from 2pm, returning to office to clear his emails and paper work and off he went to the “Clubbing Area” meeting owners of discos and pubs until almost 1am everyday. He was (self trained) able to “talk business over a drink” with these advertisers without feeling tired or getting drunk. He even started to don suave and fashionable wear during those days.


I believed what this ex-staff had done is way beyond his call of duty. For the sake of 6 contracts that he brought in ( each is for at least 12 months/insertions worth of advertisement value), he picks up drinking and sacrifice his personal time in the night and probably got into trouble with his then girlfriend (now wife) and spent quite a lot of money from his own pocket to changing his wardrobe and buying drinks while meeting these advertisers. All for the sake of getting in these advertising accounts.

This is how far and what a Media Owner had went through just to strive in an industry he is not familiar with, and succeed. Now, if he hadn’t shared this with me, I bet no one would know how he managed to do it.

Well, at least he didn’t “sell himself”, he claimed.

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On Singapore Roads
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Wish List
* All Road Hoggers Dead.
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