Congrats, You Are Known As…

Sorry for the absence, been really busy at Work.

I have 2 great stories here to share.

A landlord called us up and inviting us to "Market" their outdoor advertising space for them.
So we went to meet up with this MCST…

MCST : I would like to offer you our 2 outdoor facade to sell outdoor advertising, can You send me a proposal?
Me : But there are 3 facades.
MCST : Yes, but the current media company, TerribleArt has renewed one of the facades.
Me : Since this company had been marketing your site, wouldn’t it be funny if you have 2 different media companies marketing different areas of your site?
MCST : No it won’t.
Me : We had experienced that before and the whole industry is confused to who is exactly selling. And I do not entertain sites that are Non-exclusive.
MCST : These 2 facades are not bad, why don’t you take a look at it?
Me : If these 2 facades are so good, then why would TerribleArt just renewed 1 of the 3?
MCST : Er….
Me : Are you trying to get us to take over some "leftover" sites?
MCST : No, but….
Me : Let me tell you, we may not be big, but we work with a pride, please find another media owner.
MCST : You sure? Come on, its a good site.
Me : Ask your TerribleArt take over lor, since you claimed to be so good. And for the last 9 months that I drove past your building, I have never seen an advertisement on it before. Who are you trying to fool?
MCST : Can lah Can lah, please send me a proposal…
Me : I’d think about it. (And left)

Conclusion : There are various types of landlord when it comes to Outdoor Advertising. Some are simply ignorant when it comes to appointing a media agent.
They only look at the company and what they are offering, but they didn’t bother about track records and credibility. And in some cases like the one I just shared above, what this landlord is doing is basically ruining his own reputation by doing something as idiotic as this.

Good luck to this idiotic pair of MCST and TerribleArt.

And then again, there are another tye of landlord who basically knows nothing about advertising and yet, "pokes" his/her nose into every details.
Let’s see the story below…

At a Landlord Meeting…..

LL : So you want to add these new sites to the existing ones?
Me : Yes. This will increase the overall billing…
LL : But these are the sites we use for A & P..
Me : A & P dun use all year round right?
LL : Yes, but I am afraid that it will mess up my mall frontage.
Me : But these are premium sites.
LL : Yes, I know.

The story goes on… I left that meeting sore and bitter. What an idiot.

No wonder this landlord got abandoned by another Media Giant before we took over.

No one can stand this landlord. I am still deciding to renew this site or not, given the stupidity and ignorance of this landlord, no point wasting time and effort.
If they wish to renew, renew, if not, nevermind. Without them, my company still has many other sites.


congratulations-idiot.gif picture by Viviobluerex
On Singapore Roads
* Met 26 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 367 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 

Wish List
* All Road Hoggers Dead.
* Stop Digging the Roads During Peak Hour!
* Big Bonus!

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