Ads that Make U say “Wow” !!

Ever seen an advertisement somewhere and it made U wanna say "WOW"!!!!!

So far, I’ve not seen in SG.

But from the internet, I found this 2 very different advertisement that made watch in awe.

1) Apple made its point here. This campaign aims to educate & attract gadget enthusiasts
on iPod+iTunes. The result, a super high-powered & high performance MP3/4 Player!

The creative here shows the huge amount of music albums that this player can contain.
Very innovative and straight to the point.

If only our local brand-reps can spare this kind of budget to do this.
3d_ipod.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

2) This bus ad has nothing much to shout at, BUT, do you

know this ad invited complains from conservative drivers
that this creative is causing accidents as men are no longer
paying attention to road traffic conditions and housewives
(more like Houseflies) complained that kids travelling in the front
seat of their cars gets an "eyeful"…. And lastly this ad made it
to the AGM of Women Activist Groups….

Wouldn’t you say "Wow"???????
bus_back_bikini.jpg picture by Viviobluerex

But ads of similar nature were approved in SG…..

Remember Sloggi’s Ads on SBS Buses some years ago?


On Singapore Roads
* Met 4 Road Idiots Since my last Blog.
* Total 336 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 

Wish List
* All Road Hoggers Dead.
* Stop Digging the Roads During Peak Hour!
* Big Bonus!

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