Who Go Spread Rumour about OMD?


Originally Posted On August 2007 at "Media Singapore" (http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/)

Who Go Spread Rumour about OMD?

Today I received a call from a friend working at OMD.

She told me that, Since yesterday, got many people call and ask is it true that they appointed a new Managing Director?
And those who called told her that they found out from a blog.

Then I became the "prime suspect", she called and verify if it is me and my blog that spark off the rumours.

I was told that the Top Man Jim was asking everyone if a new MD is appointed, how come he himself don’t even know?
A mockery of the whole rumour. Their HR department were talking about this and me being the "prime suspect", they got my friend to ask me to remove the article. I almost laugh my head off.

Being responsible, I went inside my blog and check every single article I had posted ‘about’, ‘on’ and ‘contains’ the word "OMD". I never did mentioned anything about a new MD or anything else. The furthest I’ve went is paying my tribute to ex-CEO Gan Boon Guan (one of my hero) after he left OMD for Starcom Media. And the only picture I had was me holding a cup with OMD logo drinking coffee at their pantry.

I went to yahoo.com.sg and do a quick check. I found the blog article that got the rumours going. The author/culprit is from an ad agency, who exactly I don’t know as this blogger does not have anything in his/her profile except the occupation column which states "Media Agency". This person is obviously speculating his/her views that who might be the next person taking over. I also gave a call to my lawyer and ask him a few questions.

Next, I gave my friend from OMD a call and inform her that I found the Blog that sparked off the rumour, I asked her to clarify to her HR & Management that the gossip did not came from my Blog. And I also inform her that my lawyers mention that my picture with the OMD coffe cup is perfectly ok. In fact, my article on that page is indirectly advertising the agency. Phew.

I hope the culprit gets caught soon.

OMD is still one of my favourite ad agency.

PS: I am very excited, tomorrow I am meeting Gan Boon Guan CEO of Starcom (ex-OMD) & Harpreet, CEO of ZenithOptimedia for a little project that I am doing with AdLibs Magazine.

* Drank 246 cans of "Whatever" and 26 cans of "Anything"
Visit : http://www.anything.com.sg/
* Met 2 Road Idiots Today.
* Total 77 Road Idiots Encountered on SG Roads. 



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