Taxi Advertisements – Does It Works?


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Taxi Advertisements – Does It Works?

No Offence to Moove Media, but maybe a little check on where the ads (or where the cabs really are) during "effective hours" will do more justice to advertisers. We understand Taxi Drivers are humans too. The recent spate of reports that Taxi Drivers are back to their tricks again during peak hours (On Call and selecting Customers) does not help either. Years ago when people kept complaining about these "On Call" cabs, our Government gave new licence for another 3 companies to operate taxis. Then came the worldwide increase in fuel price and the increase in taxi fares making taxi an undesirable mode of transport. Not to mentioned the number of accidents caused by speeding (or racing) Taxis, reckless driving or just plain hogging. Now given the amount of bad publicity, would you still want to associate your brand with these Diesel Racers?

For Example :

Scene 1:
Caller : Hello Traffic Police?
TP : Yes! May I help?
Caller : Just now got 1 taxi almost killed my child at a zebra crossing!!!
TP: Describe the Taxi Mdm.
Caller : Er.. SH* 1234 *, CityCab with a Mitsubishi Air-Con Ad on Top.
(The Victim in this case would probably be Mitsubishi Air Con)

Scene 2:
Caller : Hello SilverCab?
SC : Yes.
Caller : Wah Piangz your Taxi Number SH*1234* Damn U&^$%^#^&* got the Nokia Ad on top one!

I would think twice before I advertise on Taxi.

And Guess what I saw at a East Coast Park CarPark during "Peak Hours"???







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