Talking about Site Photographer at EastPoint


Originally Posted On November 29 2006 at "Media Singapore" (

Site Photographer at EastPoint

I probably close my first biggest deal since I joined this Outdoor Media Company.

I managed to get EastPoint Mall to give my company exclusive marketing agent rights! Wah!!!!

But with that deal, I am required to take pictures of the sites that are potential marketing points, or in simple terms, good sites for erecting lightboxes or displaying giant posters….etc.

So I turn photographer for a day. Armed with an office-supplied Sanyo (lucky its 6 megapixel), I went round to the sites to snap pictures. Following point to point on a piece of paper given by the Landlord, I was getting bored when I decided to entertain myself.

I started snapping pictures of unknowing strangers going along with their life.

A little boy caught my eye. He is holding a Burger King Drink on 1 hand and a pack of M&Ms on the other. He looked every part of a potential advertising machine from the way he shamelessly suck on the straw and decorating his face with melted choco goos, hey, I believe BK or M&M will pay good money for a sight like this, only difference is, those ad-models you saw on TVs are probably staged and the result of a hundred rehearsals. I snapped away. I wonder BK or M&M will pay me for these shots.

Then I was moving around, I saw 2 typical heartlander "Ah-Lians" strolling. They were at most in their late teens. Their loud chatter caught my attention. It goes like this, "Aiyo, that Maggie hor, bought LV lah, velly class!", the other retort, "Si Meh? Wah! I saw that LV in dunno what magazine, velly ex one leh!’. Kauz, I was giggling to myself. 2 fools. They are indeed the typical who rate their fashion sense on the ads they saw in magazines. Does that means if some 3rd-World Country Brands starts to advertise in high-end female titles, will our fashion industry crash? Man, I pity those rich tai-tais that bought LVs now, coz they shares the same profile with ah lians….

I snapped at these 2 ah-lians, don’t get me wrong, they were far from beautiful, but their loud coloured tops with their ultra short shorts coupled with their loud voices were indeed a catch. I will not post their pictures here for fear of my life, but you may just catch them loitering at the BK on level 1. Hey, maybe LV can consider using their pictures for their advertising campaign to push sales in the "Ah Lian" segment. Its good money anyway, the joke is on them.

When I had enough of walking, I decided to take a break at the walkway that linked EastPoint with Simei MRT. You won’t imagine the various forms of life species that I saw. "This place is alive", I murmured. For there is a very good mix of human traffic profile that is comparable to more well-known malls like Tampines Mall, or even Jurong Point.

A large number of students, working class, the retired, tai-tais, heartlanders and of course the "Ah lians".

I am glad with my field trip today at Simei and the pictures that I took.

Now, I look at EastPoint differently, indeed.



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