Talking about FLU Is In The AIR – Season’s Greetings


Originally Posted On November 28 2006 at "Media Singapore" (

FLU Is In The AIR – Season’s Greetings

Flu is in the air. I got so weak last night that all I can do was to hide under layers of blanket, constant shivering and medicine every 4 hours.

Such is the time of the year where our weather is turning into "PMS" mode. It is so unpredictable that you get super hot and strong sunlight, then in a flash, U get the heaviest monsoon storm pouring down on you, or just the other day, a super hot sun + a super heavy rain! Madness! It might as well snow. Like many others, I caught the flu. I hate flu, it makes you weak, bad tempered and feeling tired all the time.

Speaking of flu, have you noticed the increasing advertisements on weather related illness? Woods Cough Syrup, Panadol Cold, Panadol Muscle Relief, Some chinese (Bai hua) medicated oil & Axe Oil, yoko-yoko patch, that Vitamin-C tablet…etc. Isn’t the best time advertise Christmas Sales and related goods? Somehow these advertisements on treatments and relief are hampering the Christmas Spirit on TV. It just do not give me that "feel" that Christmas is near, rather it feels like the world is coming to an end because everyone is gonna die of 1 illness or the other, ha ha.

Looking from another angle, those advertisments are also doubling as "Season’s Greetings" aren’t they? The Flu Season.

So be innovative, do not send out Christmas Cards this year, send Panadol Flu to me please…….


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