Talking about A Tribute to a Man in Purple


Originally Posted On December 06 2006 at "Media Singapore" (

A Tribute to a Man in Purple

Saw a piece of news today from a reputable trade magazine representing the Media Industry.

Someone whom I respect and admire is stepping down from one of the top Ad Agency in Singapore. He is rumoured to be either moving to China or India to start his own Media Company, or even not. Well, he is "evaluating" all the options now.

He has come across to me as someone who is the "Brains" of this company. 16 years, he built this agency without giving up through the many difficult times caused by acts of God and he made sure the agency survives and grows. Today, this agency is well respected by many marketeers and media owners. And not to forget the number of huge accounts the agency hold.
I am sure he has put in more than what he was paid for. The bearings of a "hero".

My encounters with him has always been coincidental, and without a proper introduction. He has an authoritative presence, but complete with a warm smile and a gentle tone, he is someone you would love as a Boss. Heard a lot about him from the agency girls, well mostly good things, and I find that he is very well respected by his girls too. News and shadows of him is everywhere, in trade magazines, in newspapers, TV and even on little screens mounted at lift lobby (Courtesy of Focus Media). He is indeed a "Superstar" of the media population in Singapore.

Touted as the "steel mountain" behind this agency, many(of us) fear his departure may affect the agency’s ratings and standing. But being branded as an ad agency with integrity and respectable ROI, I hope the new person, JS (Heard its gonna be some regional guy from Starcom) will be able to fill the many roles in the important shoe of this out-going man in purple.

Manpreet, all of us have seen your work in bringing Mindshare to what it is today.

And on behalf of the "Usual Suspects" among those media owners who has great respect for you,

I wish you all the best and success in your future endeavour!

PS: For those who have not met Manpreet Singh, please visit


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