Surfing the Internet on Mobile Phone


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Surfing the Internet on Mobile Phone

"Accessibility Freedom" never sounded so vulgar to me before, in fact it was sweet.

Having the access to emails and the internet on the move is cool.

Until I receive my Mobile Phone Bill yesterday.

One of the items, "Mobile Data, $299.00" making my total bills hitting over $600.00.

I call up my service provider and enquire, here goes;

Me : Hi! I would like to check why my bill for this month and last month costs so much?
SP : Sir, let me check. (After 1 minute)……Sir, your bill went up because you surf the internet on your mobile phone.
Me : Hey, last month my bill went up to $580 and this month $620 isn’t it a bit too much?
SP : Sir, we charge $0.10 per 10 KB.
Me : Wah! That means whenever I open Yahoo! Homepage would have already costs me a few dollars due to the KB!
SP : Yes Sir.
Me : But I haven’t even start searching for the things I want and I am already being charged?
SP : Yes Sir, that’s right.
Me : But these days WI-FI is already free! And you guys charge so much! Ridiculous!
SP : Sir, I believed you have been misinformed about the surfing rates.
Me : What do you mean by "Misinformed"? I was NOT INFORMED!
SP : Sorry Sir, so there anything I can do for you?
Me : Yes, please cut a discount for me.
SP : No way I can do it for you Sir.
Me : You guys sucks!. I have been with you guys since you guys open for business and your bills kept rising!
SP : …….
Me : Can’t you do anything for me at all?
SP : Nothing Sir.
Me : Please check when my contract is expiring…..

You know the rest…… I will definitely cancel my LONG TERM loyalty with this service provider!

These days, consumers has no regards for loyalty anymore! It’s all about value for money, reasonable price and good service!

I simply can’t accept it. It’s not that I can’t afford or what, it’s a matter of profiteering here. These days you bring your laptop to many places you get to surf for free. I try surfing on my mobile and found the screen so small and the speed is much slower, but you pay triple, what the hell man?

That’s it, I am going to persuade whoever that is in my company to stop using this Service Provider.

Now that is "Consumer Influence".

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