Originally Posted On June 27 2007 at "Media Singapore" (  


Saw the news about this new technology for SMS..

Some of you are already aware of how people reject unsolicited Bloothtooth messages, people simply reject for fear its a virus or just some advertisments. Some of you just delete away SMS without even looking because it’s advertisements.

Now this new SMS2 has got limited coverage because this technology is applicable to more advanced and smart mobile phones. In Sillypore, majority of users goes for $0 phone or phone below $80 (Source : Yahoo Survey). Only the executive segment are what this SMS2 thingy will reach, and with that, let’s presume not all these executives owns a hi-tech or smart or PDA phone. Say 50%? And out of this 50%, 25% are busy execs and does not read or reject advertisments? Then the last 25%, will they read advertisements too?

It will be a long uphill task for SMS2.

Aside to advertisers, marketing people and media. Ask yourself, DO YOU YOURSELF EVEN READ Advertisment from SMS?, Have you ever accepted any unsolicited Bluetooth Items before? If you don’t accept or read it, you think the consumers will?

Good luck guys.



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