Sex-Themed Advertisements


Originally Posted On February 28 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Sex-Themed Advertisements

Now, the below advertisements from the various companies may have crossed the line of "Artsy" & "Artistic".

I am loving it anyway.

1) Tanner Krolle (Ladies’ HandBags)
– There are 2 bags in the ad. But the attention is definitely on the possible ‘Threesome’.

2) The Body Shop
– This Ad is a Turn-Off! Yucks! Spits! Pui! Eeks!

– Wrong Move, use Sex-Dolls for ads, what are you selling? Smint Sweets or Sex-Dolls?

4) Aprilla (Bikes)
– The ad is trying to tell the public that when Aprilia Bikes are made, every details are calculated including would-be female pillion riders.
Now, where’s the bike in this bike ad? Oops!

5) Opium
– Straight Off nudity. What is the difference if the model in this ad cover 1 or both nipples?
Well, the answerr is simple, it will still be banned by the same group of Women’ Activists! Ha ha!

6) Lorenz International
– The model’s dicky is covered with the website address, you call this "artsy" or "Artistic"? You tell me!

7) Patrick Cox (Shoes)
– Selling shoes? Looks more like a scene out of a Porn S&M Movie! Damn it!

8) Brand Witheld (At request)
-Take a guess what Ad is this?

9) Durex Performa Condoms
– A Prank on Roger More (Moore)?


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