Selling OOH Media


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Selling OOH Media

Today, had a great time training my staff on selling Outdoor Media.

I touched on the technicalities as well as the creative juices needed to really sell some out-of-the-box expensive ideas to clients & ad agencies.

I hope they have a better "feel" now after the session.

For once, one of the staff surprised me today with his sketch drawing of a mocked campaign.

He scores 10/10 in all the criteria that was required.

This guy has got potential, but all he needs is proper directions and training provided he listens.

I was told by one of my ex-Boss, "you can train anyone anything, but you can’t train their creativity."

I couldn’t agree more. I can have many good sales staff, but creativity is another issue altogether.

And in today’s OOHM advertising, Creativity have to be a pre-requsite before one can really excel in this line.

I am really glad that they are not grumbling as I made them return to the office on a non-working Saturday.

Apart from teaching them and preparing them for the market, I can sense that they are easier with me in a more informal setting.

Maybe this is what people call a good learning condusive ambience with a relaxed mind.

This is rumoured to be the best way to teach.

And I believed all of us benefitted from this session today especially when "Bonding" opportunuity is so rare here.

Have a good weekend everyone!

* Met 3 Road Idiots Today.
* Total 22 Road Idiots Encountered.

* Drank 173 cans of Whatever and 25 cans of Anything

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