Selling Itself


Originally Posted On December 19 2006 at "Media Singapore" (

Selling Itself

Hey, the recent short clip on TV.

You guys saw the clip where various "4As" Members & Marketing Professional claiming how good & effective TV advertising is? Or the clip where Agency big shots were shot saying how TV are tools of creativity?

But what surprise me is, the agency guys were subtitled as "Executive 4As Member"…etc. They should put Anthony Kang as CEO Dentsu Singapore, Harpreet Singh as CEO ZenithOptimedia…etc. Why not leh? Are they afraid that it will be too sensitive to other media owners? (Who may just boycott the agency?) or is it too obvious that these agencies are No. 1 Supporter of TV ads and the rest of the media owners are underrated?

Don’t get me wrong. I agreed that TV is still a very powerful advertising tool. I am a TV fan these days too. Just, when I finally had some time to myself to watch some entertainment programme on TV, I felt kinda cheated & irritated to see those trailers running at almost every available spot in between commercial breaks. Hey, I want market upddates, I am not interested to know how many satchet of ENO Ginger were sold, or how well is your BioEssence doing on the shelves.

Perhaps those clips will not meant anything to the general public, but as a media professional myself, it’s an instinct to feel that way. Guess it is all part of work and having been in media for so long.

I wonder the guys a Genting Lane will do anything similiar soon, ah, that will be interesting to watch.

Stay Tuned.


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