Only In………..


Originally Posted On May 24 2007 at "Media Singapore" (

Only In………..

Found all these pictures on a few websites. Enjoy it.

Only In Japan – Sleeping Stand
Japan has hundreds of accidents per year due to sleeping passengers falling down in the speed trains. A Sleeping stand is the answer!

Only in Japan – Full-Body Unbrella.
Rain in various parts of the world tends to be different. In Japan, whenever it rains, the raindrops are known to be huge, so people on the street will usually gets wet from the "bouncing" rain drops. This Full-Body umbrella ensure you reach your destination Dry.

Only In Japan – Eye Drop Funnel
Many of us can’t even do an eye-drop decently often dripping all over the face and make a mess out of everything.
The Eye Funnel is to make eye-drop-ing easier as well as to minise wastage.

Only in Japan – Breast Feeding Stimulator
In a country where most parents are working, the men are sometimes required to assist in taking care of the young.
This stimulator will help a busy mother by letting the husband do the feeding.

Only In Japan – Noodle Cooler
Japanese consummed almost a trillion tons of noodles every year. Be it Ramen, Udon or Instant Noodles, the Japs are impatient people and
like to gob up their noodle meal quick. The Noodle Cooler should do the job well.

Only In Japan – Head Retainer
The Jap sleeps alot on trains. Sometimes one sways and hit another person. So to avoid "head collison", this Head Retainer will make sure

you have a stable sleep. And it comes with a note pad to notify other passengers where you are going so that someone will wake u up at your destination.

Only In Japan – Butter Stick
Time is everything to a typical working Japanese. So having breakfast at supersonic speed is a must, so to cut down time, Butter is used.
It spread faster and evenly.

Only In Japan – Mobile Toilet Paper Roller
For bad cases of cold…. I am not sure this will work, but certainly looks cool!

Only in Japan – Ladies Only Train
Japanese Men are a horny lot. Cases of Molest-On-Train are alarming high even rape cases were heard of. Responding to complaints by

many female’s association and regulating parties. Ladies-Only train service were introduced. Now, what will happen if there are too many Lesbians on the trains?

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