More on Taxi Ads – Part 2


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More on Taxi Ads – Part 2

OK, the pics are badly taken, but look properly You will see the taxi.

The pictures were taken on Saturday night at East Coast Carpark G1, The famous scandalous carpark(Lorry Park) where many couples make out in the dark. I was having BBQ there and it is when I decided to take a smoke break and venture into the dark then I saw all these.

Firstly, its a Saturday, supposedly a "peak" day for cabbies to make more money. Instead found these 3 slackers "doing their things" at the carpark instead of plying the streets to earn more for their family.

Cabby 1 – Comfort Cab with "TIGER BEER" Advertisment.
Parked there from 8.45pm to 11pm. Driver Hanky Panky inside cab while "On Call" sign is up. *If I am APB/Tiger, I will jump! Tiger’s branding is all about having a good time, not sleazy hanky panky!
Cabby 2 – Comfort Cab with Moove Media Advertisement.
Parked from 9.15pm to 11.50pm. Driver hanky panky with newspaper covering all sides of the windows and windscreen.
A China Female were spotted when the driver removed the newspapers shortly before leaving. What is this? Saturday Night Fever too for this driver? Comfort should send their inspectors to sleazy carparks to catch all these drivers, they should be driving not screwing when Cabbies are in the highest demand on a Sat night!
Cabby 3 – City Cab. Driver sleeping from 9.30pm – 11pm. Hey, isn’t that the peak hour????????????

Its Sad that out Public Transport is world-class yet such atrocities is clearly present. Blacksheeps and slackers really spoils the image of taxi drivers. More sad if my Advertisement is seen on such taxis.

Someone should just go to the Cab with newspapers and knock on the window and say:
"Elloo Uncle, I want to go Jurong, Open the door! Open the Door!!"………


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